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    Very odd Hostetter’s bottle

    Thank you Nhpharm, that's about what I was thinking. It must be scarce, as I've been doing this hobby for 25 years and never seen one. Too bad it's not old and scarce, lol. Thanks again!
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    Very odd Hostetter’s bottle

    Hello, I picked up a strange Dr. Hostetter’s bottle today that I think may be some sort of repro. It’s a dark amber stomach bitters bottle, but it reads “Dr. J. Hostetter’s Stomachic Bitters” instead of “Stomach”. The lip seems off as well, and on the base it an Owens Illinois mark which doesn’t...
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    Mystery 517 Massachusetts Milk Bottle

    Excellent idea, I hadn’t thought of that. Back to the research books lol. Thanks!!!
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    Mystery 517 Massachusetts Milk Bottle

    Yes, interesting indeed. It’s a little out of territory for my collection, but it was unique enough that I bought it just to try to figure out what is was. No luck so far though :(
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    R. C. & E. New York ??

    Great job on the ID DavidW! Here's a bit more info on Reed, Carnick & Edwards from an 1873 ad. Definitely a medicine company:
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    Mystery 517 Massachusetts Milk Bottle

    Thanks, CanadianBottles, I hadn't thought of that. Perhaps some sort of laboratory bottle, with 517 being a lot or control number? Very possible. Thanks!
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    Dr. Patton?

    You've got a pretty rare bottle there, and quite valuable from what I understand. Should be from Rosebud, TX, right? Dr Patton was an early imitator of Dr. Pepper, here's a thread on this forum with some information about it. Excellent find, good luck with it...
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    Mystery 517 Massachusetts Milk Bottle

    Hello, I picked up a mystery half pint Massachusetts milk bottle today, embossed only with the number 517 in the slug plate. I've never seen a milk bottle embossed with just a number like this, and my attempts to research this bottle have turned up nothing, so I was hoping someone else could...
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    NYC Pharmacy

    Nice! I love those embossed pharmacy bottles, and that's a nice one!!
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    Info Needed Please

    What DavidW wrote is accurate regarding the block style lettering. Coca Cola was never bottled in anything except the script lettered bottles. Block letter bottles were for the other flavors bottled at the plant. On your bottle, I would guess maybe $30-$50 worth, or possibly more if a couple of...
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    Rows, Farmers Friend

    Wow, now that's a nice bottle. I would say that it's highly desirable to collectors, and I would agree with you on the mid to late 1800's. I'd need to see a better picture of the lip to be more certain. Definitely YES, it is worth keeping, or selling. Here's an old thread from this site about...
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    Whale Oil

    That's a fantastic find, and quite a piece of New Bedford whaling history. I've seen several Nye whale oil bottles from NB, but I've never seen Erza Kelly. Accord to this, it is most likely Blackfish (Pilot Whale) oil: Here's...
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    Cornfield finds ...can't believe they survive!!!

    Nice finds! There was a La Relco Co located in Elkhart, IN according to this 1919 reference. Looks like they made dyes, perhaps? Dyestuffs - Google Books
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    Charles Hedden, New York

    I believe this is your Charles Hedden, of Hedden & Eberhardt, New York, NY, makers of perfumes, toilet waters, sachets and powders. This is a 1915 patent reference. Also, here is a link to a 1910 announcement of the company incorporating. The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review (1906) -...

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