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    Cornfield finds ...can't believe they survive!!!

    Nice finds! There was a La Relco Co located in Elkhart, IN according to this 1919 reference. Looks like they made dyes, perhaps? Dyestuffs - Google Books
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    Charles Hedden, New York

    I believe this is your Charles Hedden, of Hedden & Eberhardt, New York, NY, makers of perfumes, toilet waters, sachets and powders. This is a 1915 patent reference. Also, here is a link to a 1910 announcement of the company incorporating. The American Perfumer and Essential Oil Review (1906) -...
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    Info please

    Here's an 1898 listing for them at the Division and Hester St in NY: Trow's (formerly Wilson's) Business Directory of the Boroughs of Manhattan ... - Google Books There is also a Suffolk St in NYC, the Lower East Side, but I couldn't figure out what BET is or find any link to the company at...
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    S S Co Stoneware Jar

    I picked up this stoneware jar at a thrift store tonight for .99 cents - for that price I couldn't say no. It's 6" tall, and the only markings on it are S S Co with a star stamped into the base. Any help in ID'ing the mark, age and origin would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Looking for info on this Alton Illinois medicine

    That's a very nice local pharmacy bottle, I love that it has the name in script, the embossed cross and the graduation marks on the sides. It checks all the boxes! Here's a link to a 1912 ad for the company, on the bottom right corner of the page: Alton, Illinois - Google Books
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    What was this bottle used for?

    Looks like it was some sort of hair cream or gel: SCOTT'S FOUR ROSES Trademark of LEE H. SCOTT, DOING BUSINESS AS SCOTT LABORATORIES Serial Number: 72167419 :: Trademarkia Trademarks
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    Black ink bottles from Providence Rhode Island, circa 1840-45

    That Burrington's Ink is amazing, what a great find as a family heirloom. I assume you probably already have one, but there is also a Burrington's Vegetable Croup Syrup bottle from Providence as well? It must be the same Burrington, RI isn't a very big place. PROVIDENCE RI RHODE ISLAND...
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    Mystery Bottle? I need help

    I agree on the European, probably Germany. It's very similar to these "Providentiae Memor bottle. Providentiae Memor is Latin for Providence Remember, and is the motto is the Kingdom of Saxony, now part of modern Germany. Kingdom of Saxony - Wikipedia I can't help with the age of this bottle...
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    PIX Bottle, maker or contents?

    I was thinking alcohol too, but could it be a med? Here's a long shot possibility for you. I found this in an 1898 medical journal, PIX Cresol Solution, sold in one pint bottles. Medical Arena - Google Books
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    Uncle jo

    Nice deco soda bottle. Here's a little history on the company: Scholarly Pursuits: Uncle Jo Bottling Company
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    Scientific compound the Dodge chemical co. Chemist art research progress science.

    That is a very nicely embossed embalming fluid bottle from the Dodge Chemical Co, still in business today in Mass... About Dodge | Dodge - Helping you make all the difference (
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    Amour's Top notch brand

    Armour's Top Notch Brand was actually a grape juice. Here's a link to a 1915 ad showing the bottle with it's label: N.A.R.D. Notes - Google Books
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    Any idea on value?

    Here's a link to an old auction where a blue one sold for $240.00 in 2013. There's alots of search results for the cobalt blue but I couldn't find any aqua green examples like yours. Maybe it's a harder one to find? Either way, it's a great bottle...
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    Got three of those Hutches, 2 have the stoppers still

    Nice bottles! They're listed as Hutch # IN0105 in the Hutch Book, with a "Scarce" rating: Hutchinson Project-Search Results ( Here's the only history I could find: Bottle Pickers
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    I hit the jackpot ... or bottle that is!

    I'd keep them and try to sell them, and whatever doesn't see quickly, right into the recycle bin. Always better to recycle them then leave them in the woods.

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