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    X. Bazin "Pomatum" Beef Marrow lid

    Very nice Pot Lid and quite scarce being the latest of a series of four different addresses etc
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    Schweppes Torpedo bottle.

    This one in the attachment would date late 1830,s to early 1840,s unless has the Margaret St address then is earlier
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    Pre-1800 Wine Bottle?

    This bottle would date around 1840 - 1850 and would have held French Cognac. These bottles are also known as cheats bottles because of the very high kick up which lowered the amount of liquid.
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    1890s Pickle?

    Could be a fraction earlier e g 1880
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    Mystery bottle No 1

    Harry has got this in one
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    why would a bottle have a rounded bottom,cannot stand on it's own

    The reason these bottles mainly used for Soda Water or Lemonade were kept lying down instead of upright is that as mentioned kept the cork wet and tight in the bottle. If stood upright the cork would dry out and loosen allowing the escape of the gas or carbonation.
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    Help in dating this free blown bottle?

    Looks like a French Brandy/ Cognac bottle and would date around 1880
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    How old do you think this is ?

    It needs a clear close up of the top, side on to get a better idea of age
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    Advice on Codd bottle

    This bottle is relatively modern and Codd bottles are still in use in certain parts of India
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    Ink or bird feeder?

    How about a fly trap where you dangle something sweet from inside the top and flies enter through the side and always tend to try and get out at the top of any jar etc.
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    Dalgety and Co Pty Ltd bottle.

    Hi Kristin, What is the embossing on the bottle. Thanks
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    What is your weirdest find?

    Yes Human and European plus bottom jaw of an Australian Aboriginal with the only other bones found were a couple of finger bones
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    What is your weirdest find?

    A skull with a nice neat hole in the forehead and jagged at rear. Obviously murdered; found at an old station boarding house in an underground tank with bottles dated to around 1910 - 1920
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    Halifax Hutchinson

    Can anyone help with info on a Hutchinson from W H Donovon, Halifax which I assume is from Nova Scotia. Thanks David
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    Scottish whiskey bottle

    I would think this bottle dates around 1900 -1910

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