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    Selling my collection

    Hi. Do you have any Pot Lids. Thanks David
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    Treasure found at local market-Bellarmine Or Bartmann Jug

    The base looks unusual for an original as they normally taper down without the bulge (although some bases are like this ) and typically chip around the edges. Is the bottom wire cut or plain.
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    English or American? 1870s/80s liquor bottle.

    The base does not look English although the rest does
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    Nice looking bottle and would be interested if postage between our countries was not so high
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    How old

    Pottery was in Scotland
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    Did I just find what I think I found......... At the Goodwill?

    English bottle that held Ale or Stout with a refired pontil and dates around 1860
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    Brown / black bottle with the words '6 TO THE GALLON' embossed on base

    This bottle is English and dates to the late 1850,s into the 1860,s and would have held Whisky or Stout
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    American Codd from Paterson, a truly great bottle...

    I think that date was the reissue patent date as there is U S codds with an 1872- 1873 date on them. The earlier bottles had a flat base which tended to chip easily where as the one shown has the rounded base edge.
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    Some more U S Pot Lids

    Just a refresh as still looking for American Pot Lids that I do not have, Thanks David
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    American Codd from Paterson, a truly great bottle...

    Great looking bottle/ What is the patent date and would appear to be U S made.
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    X. Bazin "Pomatum" Beef Marrow lid

    Very nice Pot Lid and quite scarce being the latest of a series of four different addresses etc
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    Schweppes Torpedo bottle.

    This one in the attachment would date late 1830,s to early 1840,s unless has the Margaret St address then is earlier
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    Pre-1800 Wine Bottle?

    This bottle would date around 1840 - 1850 and would have held French Cognac. These bottles are also known as cheats bottles because of the very high kick up which lowered the amount of liquid.
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    1890s Pickle?

    Could be a fraction earlier e g 1880
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    Mystery bottle No 1

    Harry has got this in one

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