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    I found these before I believe their water bottles European.

    The 3 bottles shown are from Australia and all were made in Australian potteries.
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    Fake Bazin,s Pot Lid on Ebay
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    My first Codd

    Congratulations on your first Codd bottle/ I live in an area where these were used in great numbers and have not found one for over 20 years
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    WTS Selling my collection

    Hi, Do you have any bottles from Australia or New Zealand and any Pot Lids, Thanks David
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    morton jar

    Very nice jar in this light blue colour that dates around 1880 - 1890. These also come in aqua
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    Abbotts Alderney Dairies Creamer

    Is this bottle from the U S or the Channel Islands.
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    Open Pontiled Schweppes torpedo.

    Hi, I will check up for you but depends on the colour / whether dug or mint condition and quality of embossing. It should have Schweppes , Margaret Street on the bottle to be pontilled.
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    Rows, Farmers Friend

    Rows Farmers Friend is an Australian bottle and this one shown dates to around 1900 - 1910. They go back as far as the 1850,s in black glass.
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    Queen Victoria's Toothpaste

    This lid is quite common and actually dates early 1900,s as it has the Kings Crown on the shield
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    Codd Bottle gaskets?

    Hi Roger, Have you tried using an O,ring
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    Pot lids

    Very nice lids Archie
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    Estate Collection in Maryland - No idea of value.

    Is there any glass makers embossing around the base of the bottle no 82 with the marble in the neck. These are called Codd bottles and were patented in England in 1872 and variations are still being used in India. Thanks
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    Christmas Greetings from a warm South Australia

    All the best for Christmas to all members and hope everyone has a better 2022 in health and bottles etc.
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    What is this, and if it were yours, what, in the way of repairs, would you do?

    As being a Plumber this is definitely a float used to attach to a valve which shuts off water flow to fit in to a toilet cistern or even horse trough etc.

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