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Recent content by u diggin

  1. U

    another new dump

    very nice finds Dennis keep'm comming ken
  2. U

    some cures on the river

    nice cures Dennis looks as if you've found yourself a nice little honeyhole Ken
  3. U

    First Warners Safe

    yep its the dump that keeps on going and going and going!!! need to go out and frollop in the mud nice finds Gary go get'em Ken
  4. U

    Dug a few good ones...

    awsome dig looks like you found the sweet spot thanx for the pix ken
  5. U

    Solo dig on Monday

    awsome dig gary the bottle Gods must be on your side!!! ken
  6. U

    Ruptureine cure

    hey hunter thats a beaut!! nice find ken
  7. U

    Anyone know Majolica?

    nice find bram looks as if you get alot of interesting finds when you dive
  8. U

    yesterdays dig

    hey hunter 2000 nice bitterquelle,always nice to find ken
  9. U

    getting caught up

    killer drakes even with the chip
  10. U

    NEWHAMPSHIRE looking for diggers

    RE: NEW HAMPSHIRE looking for diggers hey craig still looking for a digging partner? i live in Rochester ken

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