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    A.J. White Ltd "Hottentot" Punch

    Thanks for that information epackage. The link didn't work for some reason but when I put the NYC in I got a bit more information than I had previously found so that was great, cheers!
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    A.J. White Ltd "Hottentot" Punch

    Photo as promised, hope it helps!
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    A.J. White Ltd "Hottentot" Punch

    Thank you for the welcome! I had already seen the posts you gave me the link for but have as yet not been able to find anything on this particular "medicine" on the Internet. I don't have a lot of information on the bottle, just that it was in with a lot of other bottles that were bought...
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    A.J. White Ltd "Hottentot" Punch

    Hello, I was hoping someone might know something about this bottle my husband has. It has A.J. White Ltd on both sides and part of a label which says "Hottentot" Punch of punchinello piquancy. Produces peculiar pleasure. Cures indigestion and the "blues". Unfortunately the rest of the label is...

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