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    everyday carry but for digging

    Or a trout fisherman
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    Found it in a creek, can some tell me how old it is please?

    Would have had some type of cork stopper. Looks machine made. Possibly from the 1920s.
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    Is this a NY soda?

    Definitely East Coast
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    everyday carry but for digging

  5. UncleBruce

    Schupp's Grove antique market bottle show PA.

    I had seen some of the dealers on FarceBook saying there was rain on the way and they were set up outside so were packing up to avoid the mess.
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    Half a Coke Bottle, $500?

    Wouldn't touch it for more than $1 though I have bought a couple of broken beers that I didn't have for less than $20, which seems to be my cap for a broken beer. IMO they are a novelty space holder only.
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    Psychology of collecting

    Huge areas of bank exposed! Did it fill back up this year?
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    THOUGHT I was cleaning these...

    If I were to become a mountain man then Buckskin would have to rename the book to the second to last mountain man... nah... I like living in town and the internet... Bills book is safe for now.
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    Psychology of collecting

    Can't say that I need any bottle. I just like them and they are fun to find.
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    Howes Womans Friend...

    The apple green color alone makes it a pretty good bottle despite not knowing where it is from.
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    Hello from Newportnews, Va.

    Which variation? There are several and they are all excellent and worthy of collecting.
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    New South Brewery and Ice

    I'd be interested. Message or email me the details. Is it chipped or cracked? My email is in my signature below or you can text me at the number listed.
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    2nd vase like this!!

    I believe these are called GOOFUS glass. Several shapes and sizes.

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