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Recent content by Van

  1. Van

    Anyone know what this is ?

    Yes ! A crucible for melting down metals
  2. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    my property touches the old bethel springs church. Not sure how long people have been living here, but the church has been here a long time. I know long ago people burned or buried their trash, which makes me think that there is one here. I have a metal detector, I just haven’t been out with it...
  3. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    I’ve got about 5 acres here in the ozark forest and have been finding some old bottles here and there. I’m sure there is a dump here somewhere, I’ve just not located it yet. But some of my finds have been great fun, and the trash get picked up, so it’s really not a waste.
  4. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    Oh yea, I’m willing. I’m excited, let me know when your arriving. I’ll be ready. Thank you.
  5. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    im 58, I’m also a woman. If that deters you I understand, either way, let me know, please. no Worries!
  6. Van

    Cleaning gunk from the river

    Perhaps salt and alcohol. Soak it.
  7. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    My name is Valerie, I live in culp ar.
  8. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    Ok. Give me a heads up when your here. do you have a place to dig here? I’ll research as much as I can, As far as things I’ll need to use, sorry I’m just new to this. Thanks for replying.
  9. Van

    I Pray to God this is Original Paint...get it!

    Bravo Gentlemen! Im truly impressed with the way this community respects themselves enough to respond in the manner in which it just did. I personally respect that. There seems to be a lack of this kind of behavior in our society these days, when it should really be the norm. Just wanted to tell...
  10. Van

    what is it?

    It looks like some sort of handmade drill for something specific?
  11. Van

    Wanted: Three Rivers Glass Factory Bottles (3 Rivers*, 3R*, or Ball*)

    Are you interested in a Milwaukee beer bottle? For $35.00?
  12. Van

    Arkansas Digger needed!

    I’m in Arkansas. Calico rock area, are you close?
  13. Van

    New To My Collection (been a long time)

    I’m very curious about finding bottles along a river, how do you go about doing that or what is it that makes you stop at some point and start digging? I just moved to Arkansas and live along the White river and I never even thought of that, I’m almost excited at the prospect.
  14. Van

    Any advice for someone starting out?

    I too am new. And not very savvy on the computer end either. I love this site because of the history it uncovers, and the stories that brought it back. I collect bottles for the beauty they bring to my windows. I’m glad you all are here, thank you!!
  15. Van

    Comment by 'Van' in media 'image.jpg'

    Wondering what the date for this bottle might be?

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