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Recent content by welddigger

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    Ethics of bottle collecting

    I'm just in this gig as a hobby. I make lotsa friends and have a good time. I'm not out looking for the shady deal or trying to rip everybody off but if I find a good bottle for dirt cheap, I am going to buy it!!! That is the way the antique deal works. I dig with friends and everthing is...
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    really big new york hutch!!!

    Well here is a hutch from OGDENSBURG N.Y. The brewer is J.E. BRIGGS. This is a bigg hutch with tons of character. The pics are bit crappie but I am still working on my new camera. I put a pic of it next to a tall blop beer to give you an idea of size. any info on rarity, price or were the hell...
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    Yep!! I'm still in Hereford. I lived in house built in 1900 before and I moved one mile down the road to a house built in 1857. I say to hell with the new houses they are highly over priced junk. Why I still live in Herford?? Who would'nt want to live here?????
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    I haven't been on here in a long time. You know new house and all the bull that goes with it. Also have a new camera and I am not very good at using it yet!! Any info would help and I was also wonderig were Avon Park Fla. was??
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    Here is coke I got out of a collection. I was wondering if it was rare or desirable?? It reads, bottle Pat,d nov. 6,1923 / J. S. FRANCIS / AVON PARK FLA./ property of coca-cola bottling co. Avon park fla.
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    Here is the whole deal.....
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    Here is one I got, I like to call it Mississippi sunrise with a hint of watermelon......... Just kidding!!! I believe this is about as close to puce as I can get in my bottle collection. If I really knew what puce was it would help. I looked it up in the FUNK & WAGNALLS and it described it as...
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    I am not sure how to answer that???? Other than if I wasn't a bottle collector I would never even look at this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    THIS IS A HOBBY AND FOR FUN, I GUESS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    BAM Auctions

    Wasn't very happy with the one bottle I bought off of BAM myself. It was cheap though and I didn't want to pay what a mint condition one was worth. The description was a play on words and I find that a little dishonest. I think the American bottle auctions is trying to start there own grading...
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    1925 Prohibition FULL Bourbon bottle Boone's Knoll

    Was wondering why it is worth $ 300+?? The bottle it self is common, so I guess it is the prohibition label that claims it is a medicine that makes it valuable??? The other question is that appears to be a tax stamp around the top. If it is did the goverment let it slide and tax it as a medicine...
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    How did you get your name?

    I weld to put food on the table and pay the bills. I dig /collect bottles to keep me from going insane!!!!!!
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    Interesting gift from my sister in law

    That's cool, where did she get them????
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    THanx Gunther!!!!!!!!

    Just want to thanx Gunther for providing us with his knowledge for free!!!!! they way I look at it, everybody knows something about something that I don't know. So, Thanx again and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL BOTTLE COLLECTORS!!!!!!!!!! This is a pic of my son, and he has showed me more than any...

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