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    unusual base?

    I found another decanter with the swirled base in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. Why is it that when we get something interesting, but out of our collecting area, we start seeing that type of bottle everywhere? This one is amethyst, but I don't think SCA. Based on sandchip's explanation, I...
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    unusual base?

    Since it's hand blown, would that place it earlier than I thought, possibly to pre WW1? I am leaning towards german in origin, Kummel is actually spelled with an umlaut (double dot) over the 'u'.
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    unusual base?

    Sandchip, Thanks for the explanation. Yes, that does make sense. I wasn't sure if it was B-I-M, since the side seams go up & onto the bottom of the flare of the lip. Etching is 'KUMMEL', a german liquor with anise & carraway seed flavor. I've never had it & don't think I'ld like it.
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    unusual base?

    I have come across this base before, but don't know how the item was produced. It doesn't look like a pontil, it seems to be kind of swirled. This happens to be the base of a decanter. Any insight? The items maybe from the 1920's
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    Old bottle?

    Sandchip, thanks for the pictures. I have seen the type of top in your first two pictures, but always assumed that it was tooled tops with defects in the top of the neck caused by the tool. I learn something new every time I sign in.
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    Digging a Cistern

    Usually, cisterns in towns were used until the town got water lines to the houses. They were then either collapsed or filled in with garbage & debris. Check your town's history to find out when your area got water. No one would deliberately throw anything into their water supply, so anything...
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    A Tenn. Country Physician , his Pharmacy , and a roadside bottle dump.

    Love those local meds, especially when they show up in unexpected places. Here's some info about S.B. Carpenter i got from Johnnie Fletcher's Arkansas Bottle Book.
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    My favorite bottle that I own

    Is your solomon's the variant with apostrophe before or after the 'S'? Either way, a beautiful bottle.
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    My favorite bottle that I own

    Great looking bottle. What does all the embossing say? I can only make out part of the middle line. Did you find it locally?
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    Looking for a digging partner in Western Kentucky

    Welcome to the forum, Benny. What side of the lakes are you on? I'm in Murray. Tim
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    Unusual Peptenzyme

    Thanks for the responses. All good ideas, I'm leaning toward mold repair, since the impression on the left side (first picture) have what looks like pins that would hold an inserted piece of metal in place. The other side also has much fainter pin impressions. Does anyone have an example of...
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    Unusual Peptenzyme

    Still digging in the 1920's dump & came across this cobalt Peptenzyme. Not that unusual except for the mold marks on the sides. This is a BIM, so would the marks on the sides be from a snap case, or are they part of the mold wall?
  13. peptenzyme 1.jpg

    peptenzyme 1.jpg

  14. peptenzyme 2.jpg

    peptenzyme 2.jpg

  15. peptenzyme 3.jpg

    peptenzyme 3.jpg

    Side panel right

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