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Recent content by whiskeyman

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    Chestnut with no neck?????

    the red one is likely a Clevenger Bros camphor jug without a handle. If I need to back up my comment..."bozo" opinion..., I can provide a picture of same from a Clevenger catalog.
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    Fake Flask ?

    etched "marked" base
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    Fake Flask ?

    Ed Pennebaker flask
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    real or repro?

    pix of aforementioned repro...>
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    Chestnut with no neck?????

    Just saw another (similar?) one on eBay... http://cgi.ebay.com/Freeblown-Ruby-Vase-Jug-/310255526560?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item483caba2a0
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    A Devilish Bottle

    Quazzy - Inkspot - Heritage Glass....Welcome to the Forum !! Interesting about Downer & the Jersey Devil. I think Clevenger Bros also had a Jersey Devil bottle, but it wasn't a scroll flask...? anyway...welcome.
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    Amber Dr Fisches Bitter Bottle Help

    It's obviously a machine made bottle , looking at the base. It's obviously made by Fairmont Glass ...."F" I "guess" the 1898 on this example, instead of the other series of numbers may have something do with its capacity/size , when made, (but not in the year 1898)... mold number ??? It...
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    Amber Dr Fisches Bitter Bottle Help

    Fische....I guess it's an original replica...[8|] JIM..I had posted this on his other thread in Bottle Chat > http://www.bottlebooks.com/forsale/fishbottles/fish_bottles.htm
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    2nd Pic of Bitter Bottle

    Already replied to this in another thread, but here's a different link>> Eli Lilly Cod LIver Oil... http://www.bottlebooks.com/forsale/fishbottles/fish_bottles.htm
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    Amber Dr Fisches Bitter Bottle Help

    Fischfinder...Welcome to the Forum. Woody was correct. This bottle is from 1920-33 or so and contained Eli Lilly Cod Liver Oil... http://www.tias.com/10782/PictPage/1923011856.html
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    Any help with these color glass bottles?

    Hard for me to tell from your pix and there isn't any info available about whether they were, other than what you noted. Look at the base and it may be easy to tell if they are indeed clear. Otherwise, take a sharp object and see if you can scratch the color off (inside & out)...do it in a not...
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    Diamond Daisy Flask Question

    Jeff...here's a little more about them > https://www.antique-bottles.net/forum/m-102191/mpage-1/key-/tm.htm
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    fluted flask authenticity

    sloughduck...it's probably worth 3 times that. These have been discussed before > MMA > see post#12 https://www.antique-bottles.net/forum/m-102191/mpage-1/key-/tm.htm

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