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Recent content by willong

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    Wet-Suit Season is Over ( sigh )...

    Hardwoods, maple syrup, wild ramps and old bottle sites are the main things I envy Easterners. Otherwise, I love our mountainous wildernesses, high plains and even our deserts (provided it's in the cooler months) out here in the West. Nice finds and nice craftsmanship on the tumblers!
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    What is it

    Careful, even if it is "only" a ketchup bottle, it could still infect you (with the bottle hunting/collecting bug).
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    Dr. Dimock's tamarac bitters buffalo new york?

    Were all these bitters USA products? If so, generally distributed and found out West, Midwest or East coast regions; or virtually anywhere?
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    Civil War era ale?

    I hope you do not mind this question. In the 1970's, I dug a number of similar examples of black glass ale, and other, bottles in western Washington State. Also dug a few in SE British Columbia mining country very close to the WA border. Since you state that you bought the bottle, would you mind...
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    Messy mold seams

    I just wanted to compliment you on that answer--very insightful!
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    Sarsaparilla bottle found in New Zealand

    Sarsaparilla bottle found in New Zealand What is your question about the bottle redhillphil? There's not enough detail in the photo for me to see clearly, but it looks like the mold seams disappear near the upper neck of the bottle, which indicates the lip of the the bottle was hand-tooled. The...
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    Altus, Oklahoma Drug Store and Druggist Bottles

    Hi BF109, Was that dump farther west than the railroad tracks? (I enjoy map research. Combined with today's online satellite imagery, one can sometimes evaluate possible dig sites from the comfort of home.) WL
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    Any one dig Spokane washington.

    Sorry about such a late reply; but I am just now getting ready to resume bottle digging in retirement. Are you still interested in bottle digging?
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    Elk Drug Store from Colfax, Wash. with embossed elk

    Hi stephengray, That's a dandy! Given your location, I'm guessing you purchased the bottle rather than having dug it--right?
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    Washington State Beer bottle info

    Hi P2 Dive, Are you still active in the antique bottle hunting and collecting hobby? I'm in western Washington state and about to resume the hobby in retirement. Please respond either way--I'm seeking local contacts to discuss antique bottles and, possibly, partner with on digs. (I have...
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    Washington State Beer bottle info

    I have to think that P2 Dive simply did not capture the mold seam in his photo--the seam likely being rotated away from the camera's view. As I understand the turned-in-mold process, commonly referred to a "turn mold", it would have obliterated the "R" embossed on the base. That said, I now...
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    Looking for Digging Partner in Olympia Lacey Washington area

    Hey Grizz, I used to dig in WA back in 1970's. I concentrated on logging camps and rural mill sites that were evident on 1910 and earlier maps. Now retired and without work or family commitments, I intend to get back into digging later this year. I prefer searching out old sites in the woods...
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    The Joys of Winter Diving!

    That's why I like the "Digging and Finding" forum--it's great vicarious adventure! A less than modest income, together with ears and sinuses that didn't want to equalize at even 12' when free diving, kept me from pursuing SCUBA. Thank you, to all the bottle hunters who share their adventures...
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    Some nice finds from my summer 2018 dives....

    Personally, I would not tumble that frosted bottle--the condition authentically reflects its history. What method did you use to cut a (broken?) bottle to make the tumbler in the background behind the ink? In addition to intact, machine-made bottles, have a few BIM but broken bottles I'd like...
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    One Fresh One Salt water Dive

    I've been popping in here from time to time for years. Nice to still see some of the same members posting. coldwater diver, you sure recover some nice stuff! Great variety of types and ages up there in your part of the country. Given the amount of metal and how dark it gets with age, I'm...

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