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    New Guy, New Bottle ID

    The slight purple shade is sun colored amethyst.
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    Pepsi Bottle

    I believe the 49 means the bottle was made in 1949
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    Cleaning bottles with original content

    I've used liquid paint stripper, like Formbys, or turpentine to clean out bottles like that with good results.
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    My friend found this bottle

    Looks like a pint whiskey bottle made by the anchor hocking glass company. Probably from the 1950's.
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    Trying to identify a green bottle

    Typical of a 50's era dump.
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    Trying to identify a green bottle

    I remember ginger ale came in those bottles.
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    One Gallon Smile Soda Bottle

    No, your post is fine. It just may take a while for people to respond to it.
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    Halifax Construction site Find

    Hock wine bottle with a kick up on the bottom.Nice old bottle but fairly common.Keep looking......
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    (Requesting Advice and Recommencations) Fruit Jars Price Check & Collector's Guides Help

    My recommendation to you would be to search the completed auctions on eBay to get a good indication as to what the price is for a certain fruit jar that you have. Realize that there are different variations to the same jar that will affect the cost of a particular jar.You could always take...
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    Old Blue/Aqua Soda Bottles I think

    The second one from the right is a Chianti wine bottle. It used to have a wicker basket around it.
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    dyottville glass works

    Nice old bottles. I'd try to find the old dump to that house and dig it for more old glass.
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    Help Identifying Bottles

    Probably pharmacy bottles.
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    New England chestnut flask?????

    I'm pretty sure I've seen these listed as a persian saddle flask.You might want to check that out.
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    Putnam Lightning #1

    Your best bet would be to get a copy of the Red Book of Fruit Jars #11 to determine the info and value you're looking for.

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