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    Mini Stoneware Script Jug NAME ONLY no town

    Picked this up today at a thrift shop, anyone know who this guy is or where this jug is from? The only writing is " JOSEPH SKINFLINT. "
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    Weirdest Privy Dig Ever

    The forums are so anymore [:o].......anywho Today I was working with my father installing windows in someones house when I looked next door and saw that they were prepping to tear this amazing old house down. There was a guy in an excavator ripping up stumps in the back yard and...
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    cobalt blue flask

    Wow, Good Find. How Many Ribs Does It Have? Sorry About Caps, Phone Is Bring Retarded.
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    cobalt blue flask

    Metropolitan Museum of Art has been make reproductions of this style flask for years. Check the bottom closely for "MMA" either scratched or etched in to the glass. I'm not saying that's definitely what it is, just that in the picture of the base, its looks like it. example
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    cobalt blue flask

    Could be the lighting but the white in the area of the pontil looks like part of an MMA stamp. (upside down)
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    The ebay snipe rush, like a bad drug..

    Yup, been there, and clicked with seconds be disappointing when the log in screen pops up instead of a bid confirmation. oops
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    1928 Whistle Bottling Works Honesdale PA Calendar

    Saw this calendar sell at a local auction recently. Estimate was 100/150, it ended up selling for $1,150. Looked like a pretty cool piece of bottle related material, just not for me at that price.
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    Potential Threat to Bottle Diving // Divers/ Snorkelers

    In what was determined by the Army Corps of Engineers to be an isolated incident, a fisherman caught a single snakehead on October 2004 while fishing from Lake Michigan at Burnham Harbor in Chicago, Illinois. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, snakeheads have also...
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    any body wana play black ops 2 this weekend

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    geo cache find by accident

    You're supposed to sign the log book and take the item and leave something of equal or greater value. Every once and awhile someone leaves something really cool. There are a few sites and apps for caching but this is the main one. click play > View Geocache Map You...
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    Thoughts I'd seen it all on eBay

    Dunno about a cakewalk in Passaic County, but I hear Morris is like a resort. Thinking about booking a stay just to get away from the wife and kid. [;)]
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    Nieces Halloween Costumes..

    Some fun reading on The comments are great. mods deleted mine : "Mrs. Suzzane, in observation of Halloween how about you bob for apples. See if you can hold your breath under water for 45 minutes."
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    Cool shape, I like your cupcake paper towels, makes me hungry.
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    pets.... post a picture

    My fuzzy pom pom Q-tip/Chi-Chi
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    Some crazy before and after Hows everyone doing gas wise? Lines seem to be lightening up. During the middle of the week some places were up to 4 hours. Ridiculous.

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