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Recent content by yacorie

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    Searching for bottles near an 1920s era farm

    id be digging that one hard to get the blobs and meds
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    Funny little insulator anybody recognize it.

    I’m told not a lightning rod insulator. Thought is it could be a small insulated standoff used on electrical buss bars.
  3. Y

    Funny little insulator anybody recognize it.

    Maybe a lightning rod insulator. I texted the pictures to someone who will know
  4. Y

    Yard Sales do not disappoint! Blobs and sodas!

    there are so many. I keep saving them hoping that some day I’ll find someone who collects embossed and deco bottles from the 20s-50s
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    Gettysburg Pitkin Flask, 1790's?

    So people have asked if the flask has any wear marks. A few have suggested that the pontil looks suspect so th eh were looking for wear marks. Does the bottle have any? It may also be European (Norway).
  6. Y

    Aqua Bromo Seltzer Bottle W/ backwards "Z"

    There is a guy who collects all shades and sizes of bromos and knows all of the history. If he doesn’t already have that bottle, he may be interested and he also sends some to the museum so it would be in good hands.
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    Aqua Bromo Seltzer Bottle W/ backwards "Z"

    Not sure I have ever seen an aqua bromo and definitely not with the Z error. Have seen it plenty in cobalt. I would keep it if it was mine.
  8. Y

    Few of my St. Louis Colored Soda's

    Fantastic colors and forms
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    Yard Sales do not disappoint! Blobs and sodas!

    The Kearns is a bottle from jersey city. Not a rare bottle but a nice one
  10. Y

    Yard Sales do not disappoint! Blobs and sodas!

    Nice buys. Love finding good deals like these do you collect 1920s-1950s CT sodas/beers? I have tons of them and would be interested in selling/trading if you’re interested
  11. Y

    Gettysburg Pitkin Flask, 1790's?

    Hi photolith. Great flask. i sent your pictures to one of the premier pitkin collectors to see what they had to say. the flask is definitely not a Pitkin because it lacks the half-post which is where the 2nd layer of glass below the neck would stop. Based on the form and the color they said...
  12. Y

    Rare colored Mason JarAnyone know the value our scarcity?

    Do you have more pictures of the base and lip. There are reproductions of some of these. If that’s a legit jar, the value could be quite a lot
  13. Y

    Monroe County PA milk bottles

    How about Fabels dairy from Stroudsburg?
  14. Y

    Digging a stone lined privy

    That’s awesome. Good luck and please keep us updated with pictures

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