• UncleBruce

    A library of embossed beer bottles

    A library of embossed beer bottles

    This is an ever growing pictorial guide to historic treasures from a bygone era. These glass containers remind us of Breweries and Companies, some of which only linger as faded memories.

  • RED Matthews

    Bottle Mysteries

    Bottle mysteries

    Information about rare and collectible glass bottles from a member of the glass bottle mold manufacturing industry.

  • TROG

    The Antique Pot Lid Collector

    Three expert antique pot lid collectors

    The Antique Pot Lid Collector was created by three specialist collectors who have a combined expertise spanning over 100 years. Andrew Alsop who specialises in Bears Grease pot lids and all Pharmaceutical items including bottles. David Treloar who specialises in all advertising pot lids, with particular speciality in American and Australian subjects. John Foumakis who specialises in muti-coloured printed pots and lids commonly referred to as Pratt types.

  • RIBottleguy


    Rhode Island bottles

    Documents Rhode Island bottles that RIBottleguy has found that are not listed on the Little Rhody Bottle Club's website. This includes medicine and pharmacy bottles, soda bottles (blobs and crown tops), whiskey bottles, and miscellaneous (ink, hair etc). Also available through his blogger profile page is a blog on the history of RI pharmacies and quack medicines.