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  1. martyfoley

    Member bottle selling site list.

    Great idea Robby! Although I don't have many bottles for sale at this time I do sell some on eBay and Etsy. On eBay my user ID is "martyfoley" and on Etsy it is "martyfoleys".:) I will be listing more bottles in the future however so stay tuned!
  2. martyfoley

    X22report on YouTube

    Thank you, I will check that out!
  3. martyfoley

    X22report on YouTube

    I'm glad some folks are giving the X22 Report on you tube.com a listen. As time goes along you will be a couple of steps ahead of the real news. Thanks for listening, our Republic is at stake!
  4. martyfoley

    Neon staining on bitters bottle.

    It's all in the eyes of the beholder. If he likes it, keep it rainbow. He probably likes the character that is added to the bottle. It is different and is a unique conversation piece. Just my thoughts.:)
  5. martyfoley

    Ugh... Well Now I Know Better...

    Usually, in my experience its the woman who doesn't want anything brought home. He doesn't know how lucky he is!!:)
  6. martyfoley

    After 306 years

    I'll bet that "made your day"!
  7. martyfoley

    buried some bottles

    Time capsules, yea that's kewl. Trouble is people pass on and they are forgotten. Maybe that's the whole idea. Yea, understand that whomever finds it will be way way into the future and will think they hit the mother lode. Put some old items in it, make someone real happy someday. What a...
  8. martyfoley

    Where would you dump?

    At the end old dead end unpaved roads were excellent dumping areas, especially if there was a ravine or decline in the lay of the land. Get an old town map, find where these old roads, and houses used to be. Topographical maps may shed light as well. One old dump I found was well off the main...
  9. martyfoley

    Where you gonna go?

    I sell also on eBay. My inventory is getting low but I'm selling items that I've been trying to sell for quite a while. I think this is a good time to have cash on hand as people part with their antiques and collectibles for cash. Sadly, a lot of unemployment out there. Will be a buyers...
  10. martyfoley

    I really cant believe I found a message in a bottle!

    Looks upside down to me! Try holding it up in front of a mirror! :D
  11. martyfoley

    Where you gonna go?

    Banning yard sales??? I've heard it all now. They are outdoors, in the sunshine, in the fresh air, and not usually crowded unless its a big early one. You can still wear a mask. What are these dictators thinking?:mad:
  12. martyfoley

    Bottles from my last 2 digs

    Nice finds, keep up the great work!:)
  13. martyfoley

    Galveston Dig

    Nice finds, good luck on the future digs!
  14. martyfoley

    My three pontils...

    Nice bottles Medic-72;). Thanks for sharing with us bottleheads!
  15. martyfoley

    In codd we trust.

    Forget the money end of it, buy it if you love it, keep it if you love it, appreciate it for what it is. The money end of it will take care of itself.. Now if you are buying a bottle to resell it at a profit, that's another story.
  16. martyfoley

    Walking staff

    :DTotally insane! Great work, great talent! Nicely done Robby. The third one looks like my grandfather ! lol
  17. martyfoley

    New Bottle to the Collection.

    Love the crudeness & rarity Leon. Nice pickup!
  18. martyfoley

    Two new open pontil medicines for the collection

    Yea, the typical patent medicine cure all. What they could get away with back then! Dr. Hawks, yea he'll "hawk" your money! Great name for it! Thanks for the info. ;)
  19. martyfoley

    Walking staff

    Very nice Robby! Must of taken you some time to produce it.
  20. martyfoley

    Orange blossom perfume bottle

    Murat is the brand, Orange Blossom is the fragrance name. I believe Murat is town in France. There is a listing for a Murat perfume bottle on eBay. Try this link; https://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-AND-RARE-REVE-D-AZUR-MURAT-PERFUME-BOTTLE/191997980772?hash=item2cb3f8b064:g:od0AAOSwLF1YA7Cx

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