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    Almost took a taste
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    1930s fruit juice in milk bottle?

    Hi everyone, Dug with a bunch of 1930s milks. “Fru Ju” registered contents 8 flu. ozs. Base says “PAT applied for”. Any info about the company/dating/ drink type would be appreciated. I can’t find anything.
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    Griffwood Farms. Mt. Washington/Baltimore milk bottle

    Hi all. Dug this today. Love how hyper local the milks can get. Found history on the farm no bottle examples yet.
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    Krause Bottling Co Baltimore MD. Soda?

    Hi all, Dug this yesterday. Any ideas about type of soda it held? Bit of research I did pointed to “Pep” soda. Was found in a spot with bottles ranging from 20s/40s. Hope you and yours doing well.
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    Sterling Flavoring Extracts Bottle Baltimore

    Hi everyone, Hope this finds you and loved ones doing well. Dug this yesterday. Usually, when I find something new, I can find history on the company and related product online. I can’t find anything about this one. Would love a lead if anyone has one. I’m getting a just pre 1900 vibe though...
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    3. 1 quart milks

    The City Dairy and Gardiner dug. The Brooklandwood was plucked out of a brush pile in old stream bed. Gardiner family has really interesting history. Really all do. I’m dating 1910-1920s. That seem right?
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    Amber one pint flask. Colonial and nautical themes. Dating question.

    Hi everyone, Been a while. Was able to get out and found a new (to me) spot. Picking through some surface stuff and this caught my eye. A lot of interesting details and subject matter. Any ideas about date and type. Screw top whisky flask 1942?
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    Excalibur bottle

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    Civil War era “Witch Bottle” found in VA

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/history/2020/01/24/witch-bottle-discovered-virginia/%3foutputType=amp Front page of Washington Post Metro section today. Right on I-64
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    Question about a slick whisky? Bottle

    Hi all. Dug this recently. Any ideas about dating? Top seems tooled. Whisky bottle?
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    Sauce bottle?

    Found this in spot filled with stuff from early 1900s-1940s. Is this an old sauce bottle? Has an interesting shape. Not totally round. Small embossed S on the bottom?
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    Coca Cola soda water

    Found this recently on a walk in the woods. Am I correct in thinking this is from 58’?
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    Helwig & Leitch Baltimore MD. Question about dating similar bottles with slight differences.

    Found these two near each other. On impact they seem the same. When I look closer I notice the bottoms are different. One is blank one has a 6. The forms of the bottles seem slightly different. What are the differences about?
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    Three piece mold bottle?

    Hi everyone, Am I correct in thinking this is a three piece mold bottle?
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    Paul Jones and Co Four Roses bottle

    Dug this. Has ceramic (?) embossed pour top with foil still intact. Any ideas about date? Ideas about how to clean inside without taking top off?
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    Soda Bottle?

    Has an interesting wavy quality. Thick glass. Any ideas about the use, dates or marks? Small marks have an interesting free hand style.
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    Turn Mold wine bottle?

    Dug this near the bottle posted earlier. Concentric circles/wavy feel and interesting free hand/crude top. Any idea about dating or type of bottle appreciated.
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    Help identifying maker and time period. Vetreria Etrusca?

    Hi, Dug this recently. Has a very cool asymmetrical vibe. Lots of bubbles. Only mark is V E on bottom. Maybe old Vetrerua Etrusca?
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    Need help identifying time period. Hynson, Westcott....no Dunning

    Hi all, Dug this recently. Wondering if pre 1900. Thanks!
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    J. G. B. Siegert?

    Hi all, New to bottle digging and hooked. Found this yesterday. Very cool Art Deco? 13 on bottom. Faint JGB. Any ideas on maker and date?

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