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    Roman glass

    It’s pretty cool. Did you find it or buy it. If you bought it I bet it wasn’t cheap
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    Questions About Some Creek Finds

    That’s stupid. He’s picking up trash so others don’t step on it.
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    3 new marble finds

    Will you share your secret person. I’m curios what he’s got if he’s on eBay
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    What is your best non-glass find

    Don’t some of those way a thousand pounds
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    Rodger the cat.

    You crazy
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    Questions About Some Creek Finds

    3rd one is a ball porcelain liner I think. Pretty commonly broken. The 1st one looks like it has a skeleton on it, it’s neat
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    To clean or not to clean.

    I don’t care for cobalt blue slicks, but I find quite a few so I put them in lots of 5 and they sell for around $10 plus shipping on eBay and I have nothin better to do so I do it.
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    To clean or not to clean.

    I’ve got about 15 bottles I’m cleaning on right now. I would have a heart attack if I had that many bottles to clean. Do you collect all of these or do you sell
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    To clean or not to clean.

    You could just not clean them and try to sell them dirty on Facebook if you don’t want to keep them all
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    To clean or not to clean.

    When it’s a warm day I just get a bucket of water and clean when I feel like it. I let some of my bottles soak in water for a day or two and it helps clean them, but I’m only 14 and don’t have a real job beside eBay for a hobby.
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    How many versions are there.

    Ok sorry. I can’t find any images of colored ones besides milk colored
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    How many versions are there.

    You meant the jars I thought you meant the liners
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    How many versions are there.

    I’ve never seen colored ones. I have 2 or 3 porcelain ones
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    How many versions are there.

    I have one with 5 in the center, and mine either have Boyd’s porcelain or they have no logo. I don’t have a lot of the porcelain liners I know there are several more I don’t have whole
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    3 new marble finds

    Thanks for the info. I would never sell any toys I found while hunting only bottles, because I don’t care a ton about bottles than I do toys. I found a ball jar I’m putting all my marbles and other smalls in right now.
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    How many versions are there.

    I collect porcelain Ball lid tops because I know there are a bunch of different versions, and I was wondering how many versions there are in all if anybody knows. Sorry for the bad pictures they are hard to take good pictures of. The 3rd one has B72 on it and I was wondering what that meant
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    3 new marble finds

    Here are some close ups. Thanks for trying
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    3 new marble finds

    I would like to any info in these marbles i found today. A year and who made them would be nice
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    Are these worth anything?

    The pictures are pretty blurry to tell what they are, but the last picture Coke’s you might be able to get $2-$3 for all of them if they are all like this version
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    Unearthed behind my Sears Kit House !

    I’m sure I’m wrong, but what popped into my head was wine cork

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