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    Odd Insulator, need help with ID.

    In the hobby it's called embossing on dome
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    Iron pontilled Mineral Water

    Just ..."Mineral Water" on front... back "M"
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    Iron pontilled Mineral Water

    Pulled this out from under a collapsing chicken coop in Morristown, NJ a couple of years ago of an old property. I don't know about all of the soda and mineral bottle id sites... anyone know where I can get more info? Great iron pontil, really crude applied blob lip...Thanks for any direction or...
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    Looks like a beer bottle..so it must Must be a beer bottle ?

    absolutely agree with nhpharm..cool! ~Fred
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    The Argus closure on an Ogden & Butcher

    A very limited use closure on a scarce beer bottle from New Jersey.Patented 1885 and used to 1895 according to Todd Von Mechow
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    Any thoughts on this bottle?

    Harry nailed it on this one... and I have also read that the kick-up base was intended to assist in quick cooling -the bottle stuffed into a bucket of ice would allow a large volume of ice to contact a greater surface area of the bottle...
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    3 new marble finds

    I'm familiar with fluorescent glass, it's caused by uranium oxide being present in the glass batch which dates it prior to 1940's I believe. That is the value....it helps date the glass and suggests that the glass item is old not foreign made recent....But! It's not fail safe bc some foreign and...
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    How much is too much?

    I was given a SC dispensary bottle as a tip for a tree job well done and sold it a few months later after my bottle club had the chance to see it and handle it. I split the proceeds with my partner! ~Fred
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    Happy Memorial Day to my Bottle friends

    Happy and safe Day to you all!
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    Quick hot re dig of a hole !

    Dewey! Good stuff my man, please show us the lip of the Humphrey's it's prolly the oldest item in this group.. nice finds. And by the way... never stop in a hole unless it's proven done or unsafe! The deeper you go, the potentially older you get! Best o' Luck ~Fred
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    Blank slug plates

    Yeah MJ bottle I agree with CanuckBottles, and besides, it makes for a great spot to place a label! ~Fred
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    Green house bottle

    Robby my Gal and I love that find (we have found bottles like this too)! We think that if you keep it somewhere that it'll get around one third to one half a day of gentle sun and keep it moist inside you should be able to keep it for awhile. We both also agree that is more than one years growth...
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    Rodger the cat.

    wow amazing color on her Robby
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    Rodger the cat.

    :oops::eek:o_O Woah, WOW!
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    Rodger the cat.

    Can he save me up to 15% on my car insurance? :p:D
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    3 new marble finds

    OK, so, when I said I couldn't DEFINITIVELY identify these I referring to the question who made and when.... the answer that was given I could have given off cuff but I didn't want to be generic I still don't have definitive info but ... I'd accept that yes first one is probably a game mib...
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    Dug this Cool intact Plate.

    Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard F. Outcault. Adopted as the mascot of the Brown Shoe Company in 1904, Buster Brown, his sweetheart Mary Jane, and his dog Tige (an American Pit Bull Terrier), were well known to the American public in the early 20th century. The...
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    Dug this Cool intact Plate.

    Damn Leon! That's an awesome find! I haven't found an intact plate but did find an intact Shaving Mug.... My partner in the dig wanted it so he got it. That's so nifty...Buster Brown wow. ~Fred

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