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    Unusual soda shape

    Sorry JAMDAM autocorrect. Wanted to share this photo of a garage in north texas.
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    Unusual soda shape

    Hello Hamdan, glad u chimed in. Do you know why his brother in dallas is not mentioned?. Also I think L.Glazer is still in business in spirit sales. Is the slugplate Dallas bottle common in this collection. I have only dug half dozen or so and only in 1 dump less than 5 miles from address. It...
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    Unusual soda shape

    Weird that his obituary makes no mention of Louis his brother in dallas, maybe the competition caused stress. I have dug several high grades and star bottles but have yet to see hutch type. The louis bottles are bim as are the star. Hope ya don't mind I'm going to print some of the ads and info...
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    Unusual soda shape

    Thank you way more than I realized or knew . The bim star and high grade I have or had unsure without looking. Was telling a digging friend to look out for them. Still hoping to find the sonny boy. Thanks again sam.
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    To clean or not to clean.

    I too am guilty of cleaning only better bottles. Couldn't leave a 3 rivers( beer / soda bottle behind. Just can't muster up the energy you clean it.
  6. D

    Unusual soda shape

    One or 2 of them I know has 3 rivers on it. Others I will have to look. Curious now.
  7. D

    ebay deal of the day

    Wow I still throw them back. U can only give away so many. The large quart is great for marbles though.
  8. D

    Unusual soda shape

    Decos are my favorite and yours look minty. Nice grouping thanks for sharing.
  9. D

    Unusual soda shape

    Found it was looking for real juice co but it was Glazer owner of juice co. Anyway here it is. Have never seen another example sure it out there but none sold.
  10. D

    Unusual soda shape

    Thank u RCO maybe if there is enough I can start a collection.
  11. D

    Unusual soda shape

    Treeguyfred, there is a bim slug plate of real fruit juice co dallas with address on it. (Found several of them)I posted pics back in 2010 can't find it, and too many boxes to look through in the shed, if I can find a pic I will post it.
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    Unusual soda shape

    I have 3 different ones , wondering if anyone knows of others using the same bottle shape. Just realized the 2 I left behind last week are different sizes. Uncle Joe - ft worth California - dallas 2 sizes Aunt Ida - lousiana All 3 three of these sodas have a family connection. Some are...
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    Please someone help

    Not sure but this looks like a hallmark or clue. Really good 10x loop would help. Sometimes they mark really tiny.
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    Todays dump dig finds.

    Its porcelain not stoneware stuck under tree roots washed out by the river. Next trip I'm going to look for the stopper. Considered this my best find of the day. Not worth much but cool. Had to look it up never seen one before. Numbers on back are 3346. I assume 1933. Here's the info I found...
  15. D

    More dump finds

    Can't read the bottle but marble is oxblood swirl I believe. Akro.
  16. D

    Todays dump dig finds.

    Sorry forgot to ask about insulators. Worth cleaning? Guessing 30s maybe. Any info please thanks Sam .
  17. D

    Todays dump dig finds.

    This is a 1900 to 1950 city dump. Been there digging with cool63truck, maybe he will post some of his finds on this thread too. He is younger than me but boy can he move some dirt, like a backhoe wow. Great guy. On to the finds. Nothing special or rare just a couple hrs of stress relief. I know...
  18. D

    3 Rivers ringed peppersauce

    Out of the 50 ish ones that I have dug this is the only one that still had the peppers in it. Would be cool if I could get them to germinate. Decided I'm not gonna wash inside of this one. Just a cork.
  19. D

    Tiny Ball Jar... Is It the Real Deal?

    I found a small one like that with a slit in the zinc lid thought it was a penny or dime childs piggy bank toy. Maybe I should dig it out for closer inspection. Wow. Did they make these as piggy banks?. Thanks

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