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  1. MCglass

    2 Faygo Feigenson Bros. Hutches Displayed in Front of FAYGO

    Those are beautiful, Leon. I wonder sometimes if the Faygo people would have any interest in their old bottles, for display or photographing? Or if they have a museum themselves. They started out as bakers, and made their first flavors out of their cake icing recipes. I’m sure you knew that, Leon
  2. MCglass

    Triple diamond RC Cola logo

    I recently came across a bottle carrier with a modern logo, the red diamond shape with the RC crown that has three diamonds across the top. I tried to pin down when this logo was used and there isn't a lot of info on it out there. I did find a picture of a "First Run" bottle dated 1960. Does...
  3. MCglass

    oldest acl yoo hoo

    I have this one from 1941. Earliest Yoo Hoo ACL I have is mid ‘50s.
  4. MCglass

    1950’s Soda

    Circus Bev from Mt. Clemens, MI. Local to me. Thinking of offering it?
  5. MCglass

    Special Coke Bottle.

    Remember in the flick Wall Street? Michael Douglas talks about a painting he bought for big bucks, says he’ll let time pass and make a big profit. “Illusion becomes reality”. How much is the fee for buying your own bottle and passing it along down the line for even more? Creating a history of value.
  6. MCglass

    7up 'Odd Logo"

    Handy 7up logo dater.
  7. MCglass

    Pepsi Stryofoam label's

    I don’t have that one. LMK I’m local.
  8. MCglass

    Faygo "Ghost sign" recreated at Faygo plant

    Hi Leon, the store with the vandalized sign has been painted all white now. It had a few other oldies painted on it, Kowalski sausage etc. Someone is selling coasters on eBay with this image on it. Some Vernor’s ghost signs have turned up. Where is the sign downriver if you recall?
  9. MCglass

    Faygo "Ghost sign" recreated at Faygo plant

    Faygo has been a staple of the Detroit pop market for over a hundred years. You may recall, about 2012, a building burned and was knocked down revealing a 1940's sign painted on the building next door. It caused a bit of a stir in nostalgic circles, and it was featured on the cover of Soda...
  10. MCglass

    Newbie requiring help please Pepsi Bottle

    This bottle has the single dot main label, used from like 1950, and the neck label used on the swirl bottles of the 1960s. Id wager it's from the early 1960s.
  11. MCglass

    rc cola bottle one of the first acl???

    Will, your label says copyright 1936, but the label is a style from the 1940s. Your g in a square is Glenshaw Glass Co. The date code is a letter on the side of the bulge just below the lip. “L” is for 1940, and M is 1941, etc. What date you got?
  12. MCglass

    Anyone heard of Franklin's Flip?

    I can't find anything on this one. There is a Franklin Beverages, from Franklin Springs, NY.
  13. MCglass

    Mountain Dew "Redhead" (Red paint) bottle info

    There's one version, from Florence, SC that is worth a lot more. $175. It says Florence SC under the ingredients on the back.
  14. MCglass

    Has anyone seen this little guy before?

    I spotted this one and bought it because it had a prioff top. It’s 4 1/2 or 5oz, machine made. I think it had a paper label. But what was in it? The only mark is a tall, narrow diamond with a dot in it, and a 4 beneath. Help!
  15. MCglass

    Applied color labels (acl) - hand painted labels & machines

    Last year I found a Jumbo Cola bottle like the 1934 example in the oldest ACL thread, and purchased it. With no pics of the bottom, it arrived and I was very happy to see that it was dated 1934 also. The label isn't perfect, but one side displays very well. Another example showed up in a...
  16. MCglass

    Barney Google / Spark Plug Sodas

    A "google" is the name of a number, like pi, that is a one with 100 zeroes after it. Aristotle probably pondered it. :)
  17. MCglass

    Donald Duck Cola - Unusual Pinkish Color - 1953?

    I can't believe what guys are asking for these Donald Ducks. $40-$50. I'm not sure they're selling many for that. Kids definitely like them. I don't believe the pink hue adds any value. A couple of full ones like your recently sold for 35 plus shipping. I don't know...

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