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    Hey Guys, Why was NC not found on this bottle

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492731284351596/ Try to post your question on my Facebook group and we will help!
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    New Facebook Group

    Hey guys if your intrested I've started a new Facebook group called Eastern North Carolina Bottle Club. Members can add and show off their NC bottles and talk about events and bottle information. The link is below . https://www.facebook.com/groups/1492731284351596/
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    2 Very old Saddle Flask

    Okay we'll I'm glad I know for next time.
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    2 Very old Saddle Flask

    I have two very old saddle flask. That's what i believe they are based on the research I've done. I don't know a lot about them but they are old. One of the bottles has part of the neck swirl broken off. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to tell where these bottles are from. I'm guessing they...
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    Old Painted label find

    I was traveling to Kentucky this past weekend and I was stopping at every antique shop and flea market I could find. I just happened to run across this painted label bottle from Baltimore MD. I'm guessing it is from 1946 from the B46 on the bottom of the bottle. It's a cool odd painted label and...
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    Any North Carolina Soda Caps?
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    3 Centa Bottle Cap

    I don't see a picture of your cap. There is two different variations of the cap. I usually sell my three cents caps anywhere from $20-$35 based on condition. Below is the two different caps. Hopefully this helps
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    Tiffany and Co Pepsi-Cola Bottle

    Picked this bottle up this week and thought it was weird. It is very big and made very thick. Does any one know why this bottle was made by Tiffany for pepsi? Hopefully it's worth mote then a paper weight.
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    George Washington Bottle

    The back is blank. It just has a raised oval. I bought it out of a plantation estate in eastern NC so I didn't think it would be a repo but I could be wrong. The bottom is pontil.
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    George Washington Bottle

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    George Washington Bottle

    Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you need any more pictures
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    George Washington Bottle

    Found this bottle and its out of my speciality. Any info on this bottle would be appreciated. I think it would be a pontil.
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    1918 Coca-Cola Pocket Mirror

    Thanks to the both of you. I'll know better bext time. At least I didn't give much at all for it. Thanks
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    1918 Coca-Cola Pocket Mirror

    I know this is not a bottle but I figured it falls under soda memorabilia. I recently bought this pocket mirror at a local flea market. I do not know much about it other then what is written on it. I would like to know if it is a fake or original. My dad seems to think its fake but I think it's...
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    Any Florida Bottle Collectors Out There?

    Here is a Florida bottle I recently picked up. I usually only buy North Carolina bottles but this one looked cool and it wasn't too much. If anyone could help me know more about this bottle it would be great. It may be very common but it would still be cool to know more about it. Thanks
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    Cheerwine bottles - 8 sided

    Looking for Cheerwine bottles with the cities on the bottom. Message me if you have anything cheerwine related advertising or bottles i may be interested in.
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    Nice colored bottle, but.....

    The only bottles you will see with natural purple coloring with be a very very light purple. That comes from years of exposure from the sun. It turns that very light purple color over many decades. Some people speed up this process by nuking the bottle which will turn the bottle very dark...
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    Help with a Pepsi ID

    Ive seen the bottle before but i cant really tell you much about it. Ill check some of my sources and get back to you later.

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