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    Unusual soda shape

    I have 3 different ones , wondering if anyone knows of others using the same bottle shape. Just realized the 2 I left behind last week are different sizes. Uncle Joe - ft worth California - dallas 2 sizes Aunt Ida - lousiana All 3 three of these sodas have a family connection. Some are...
  2. D

    Todays dump dig finds.

    This is a 1900 to 1950 city dump. Been there digging with cool63truck, maybe he will post some of his finds on this thread too. He is younger than me but boy can he move some dirt, like a backhoe wow. Great guy. On to the finds. Nothing special or rare just a couple hrs of stress relief. I know...
  3. D

    3 Rivers ringed peppersauce

    Out of the 50 ish ones that I have dug this is the only one that still had the peppers in it. Would be cool if I could get them to germinate. Decided I'm not gonna wash inside of this one. Just a cork.
  4. D

    Best Quality Beverages D P B Co Corsicana Texas. Date Code

    Anyone know how to date Chattanooga glass bottles. 2 10 FL OZ 1240 This was not listed in the Dr Pepper Price/ Guide book. Thinking 1940 but it looks to clean for that. Can't find any info on company or yrs of production. Thanks for any help.
  5. D

    Neon staining on bitters bottle.

    Thought I would share a few pics before I send this to a friend. He likes the rainbow stains. Me i think it looks unusual but prefer clean . What are y'alls thoughts / preferences. Stained or tumbled? Came out of the same water as this warners 10 yrs ago. Which I also sent to him.
  6. D

    Old jug broken bottom

    Bottom has a hole in it but it displays well in the flower bed. Didn't want to throw it away. What do y'all think .?
  7. D

    Electrified Ginger Ale Dallas

    These are the only 2 I have dug and that was 10 yrs ago. 1st is a 10 oz second is a 6 oz. Does anyone have any info or old ads they could share. Any other city's bottled this product. I am going off info from an old member ( RIP ) Capsoda he said it was a spicy/ hot flavor. Any thoughts would...
  8. D

    Anyone remember this bottle

    Probally from the 60s, worth 0 dollars but the memories from my childhood make it priceless. Purchased half full from local estate for 25 cents. Grandparents used this for stomach aches when I was young.
  9. D

    Palmolive Shampoo

    Not worth much and still full of mud but only dug two of these so far. Are they common in other areas ?
  10. D

    Early Tabasco bottle recently dug.

    This is a first for me. After 30 yrs of digging you still find unique bottles. That's what keeps my interest in the hunt.
  11. D

    3 more from Dallas

    Arctic fruit juice, Woosies , Bludwine early bottle. Everytime I dig an artic tenpin I hope it's an Artesia gingerale. Maybe one day It will be.
  12. D

    Dr Pepper Embossed and Debossed.

    Two I found/dug recently. 1934 Dallas debossed and a 3rivers Bowie embossed. Never noticed they changed the clock face.
  13. D

    Patented Pride closure ?

    I dig here a lot and have never heard of this type of closure, looks like a ketchup to me. Anyone here ever dug this type on a soda? Thanks
  14. D

    Need help on Circle A Brand Quart bottle. In Situ dig pic.

    Dug this today caught a pic when I saw the circle a on the bottom. I have dug a few of the smaller ones but this is huge. Cannot find it on the web. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks .
  15. D

    New Dig Site.

    Haven't been on in awhile even longer since I contributed. All the people I used to know on the site are gone as well. Learned alot listening to the stories ,techniques and history. Its a hobby that alot of people dont understand. I personally enjoy the history and craftmanship pf lost items...
  16. D

    Tulip Brand Soda Water

    I need some help identifying this brand. Only have a half a bottle. Coke bottle green, found with broken KOB Dr Peppers and Big 4 Bottle, and Waco bottling works bottle. Any help is appreciated, longtime member haven't posted in 8 yrs.

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