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  1. J

    Cotton Club Bottle Question

    I have come across those same bottles posted on Craigslist several times so they have been for sale for at least a few months. The bottles could be late 1960's but likely 1970's. Some Cotton Club paper labels have some value but there are many variations and I've never had any luck with the...
  2. J

    Did anyone see this $7000 bottle?

    Jay and thoughts exactly. What kind impact is this going to ultimately have on the hobby? Exorbitant prices for Coke and Pepsi bottles may make some collectors look to other categories ultimately leading to a steep decline in prices when the Sheikh is done buying. If his collecting...
  3. J

    Did anyone see this $7000 bottle?

    Hey Alex thanks for the additional insight and congratulations on your sale. No doubt it is a cool bottle but I was just curious because I've never seen a bottle of that type sell for such a high price. If this is just one buyer paying this kind of money I guess now is the time to sell anything...
  4. J

    Co-Cola, My-Coca, KOKE, Pepsi from Ohio

    I have never seen the Vermilion Koke bottle before that listing. I only knew it existed when you asked me if I had one and I have been collecting/digging bottles near or in Vermilion for at least 25 years. I have 3 different embossed sodas from Vermilion including an aqua Vermillion Bottling...
  5. J

    Did anyone see this $7000 bottle?

    Oh, wow! Thanks for info E! I saw the first 2 pages of that post earlier but I did not see page 3 and 4. I can't believe someone would offer that much for the bottle but I suppose if you have money and that is the only one available...
  6. J

    Did anyone see this $7000 bottle?

    A search in post-1900 soda bottles on Ebay will show you almost 50 Coca Cola and Pepsi Bottles that have recently sold for over $1000. I really don't trust those buy it now prices for getting accurate values but the increase in prices on all types of Coke and Pepsi bottles has been hard not to...
  7. J

    Co-Cola, My-Coca, KOKE, Pepsi from Ohio

    Very nice finds! I would like to have all those in my collection but I only have the Lorain My Coca. I put a bid on that Vermilion Koke bottle but not too much because of the chip. There was another bidder but I thought you were probably the winner since you asked me if I had one of those...
  8. J

    $12,000 Coca-Cola Hutch

    I was just about to bid but the $45 shipping & insurance is just too expensive.
  9. J

    Big Boy Bottle Worth $0.99 or $129.30

    Mohr or less Thank you everyone for your input. I suspected this was a fairly common bottle locally. I did some more searching and I found another interesting example with a huge price difference: MOHR $$$ I was shocked when I saw this price because I have one and I have seen quite a...
  10. J

    Big Boy Bottle Worth $0.99 or $129.30

    I was browsing some sold listings on Ebay when I noticed that an embossed Big Boy bottle from Charlotte, NC sold for $129.30 with 14 bids and 5 different bidders. BIG BOY There are many similar embossed Big Boy bottles out there that typically sell for under $20 so I figured the Charlotte, NC...
  11. J

    Mansfield, Ohio Bottle Show - May 11th

    Spring is finally here and that means it is time for the best bottle show in Ohio! This is my third year selling there and I will have a lot of nice soda bottles, among other things, all priced to sell so I am hoping for the best. I am also hoping that it does not rain this year because I want...
  12. J


    In the hypothetical scenario, given all the factors, I think I would choose the Big Hit bottle so my vote is for #3 SPB, thanks for posting a photo of the 3-color All American. It looks way better than the 2-color version. I would like to find that clear glass version because mine is green...
  13. J


    My first thought was Cleo Cola, as someone already mentioned, so that would be my vote. However, I also think that the 3 color All American ACL is one of the absolute must haves for any ACL collector. To me, the bottle defines Americana with red/white/blue ACL, pictures of George Washington...
  14. J

    Any info on these?

    Hey Mike, here is a thread I started a couple years ago that has a lot of info about Bubble Up There is a bottle similar to yours which dates to the 1930's. I'd really like to see one that still has the label. Cool finds!
  15. J

    Lawson's Rare Green NDNR Soda Bottle

    Last call for anyone who is interested in the Lawson's bottle. Where are the NDNR collectors? Any Ohio collectors need one? I would prefer to make a trade but I am open to any fair offers.
  16. J

    western ohio bottling works van wert ohio

    You are in the right place as far as your post is concerned. I live further East than Van Wert but I see the Western Ohio Bottling Works bottles all the time. If you live near that part of Ohio you should be able to find one in an antique shop or flea market. I have never paid attention to...
  17. J

    Cleveland, Ohio Hutch Sodas For Sale

    These bottles are sold: All 4 in the photo on Post 2 (Forest City, Brough & the Fleckensteins Plus all 4 of the Ohio Bottling Works
  18. J

    Cleveland, Ohio Hutch Sodas For Sale

    Very nice bottle but I read that a cache on those were found. Does it have any damage? I don't collect pontils but there is a Shaker connection here in Ohio so it might be good to have for a trader. I've sold a few of these so which ones are you interested in trading?
  19. J

    very CRUDE fruit jars wanted

    I recently saw a Mason's Improved jar at local flea market that was a very distorted shape. It is round at the top and bottom but the middle section is flattened and makes it more of an oval shape in the middle. I had never seen a jar with such extreme distortion so I was a bit skeptical plus...
  20. J

    The Krueger Dump

    That 1913 license plate is an awesome find! Maybe you will find some car parts from that time period. It is amazing to me all the different cone tops you are finding and that they are actually in decent condition. The only cone tops I have ever seen in dumps were so rusted that there was just...

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