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    found B and B bottle

    ya then it will grow over with snow! hehe :)
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    found B and B bottle

    HEllo all! its been a while I know, all my sites have grown over til spring lol! while out metal detecting a field today, we came across a home dump site and Found this big 30 oz bottle there, that I had never heard of, even though its from my city (before my time lol!) . I believe I read here...
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    Advice needed - old well

    you gotta do it now..or it will drive you nuts not knowing haha!
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    Recent Construction Finds.

    sheesh taht would be a dream come true! lol
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    Newly bought dug bottles

    Good News i cleaned up the Kickapoo and had a closer is from 1966...and its Canadian! bilingual! still have to clean up the rest and date etc, but the kickapoo is by far my fave!
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    Newly bought dug bottles

    Oh Canadianbottles asked if they were Canadian versions
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    Newly bought dug bottles

    thanks for all the comments. all the bottles were found in the Halton region of Ontario(not by me personally). they were not all found together, so could have been dropped by an American...? Ill have to check what ones have French on them that would confirm Canadian, tho im not sure when...
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    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    Hey CanadaCan do you have this 7up NDNR (large one)?
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    Newly bought dug bottles

    Just picked up some bottles (good deal!) Never seen the big 7UP NDNR before...and Kickapoo? dont see much mention anywhere of that. Whatcha think?
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    Picked up this nice Royal Crown 1950s bottle thermometer at auction

    VEry cool to put the two together! I just got my first Royal Crowns this week myself! lol (different ones tho, maybe 60s). posting soon
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    Recent heart breakers

    Nice finds tho! id love to find a cache like that!
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    Mountain Dew no deposit no return bottle uncovered

    i just found a site that has lots of NDNR bottles, but no Mountain Dew yet! hehe (lots of pepsi). will post later!
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    Better bottles than usual

    nice bottles!
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    latest buy

    Yes this Vernor's is from Windsor as well. BOth 7Ups are on very good condition. the Pepsi is a lil rough .. scuffed up on the outside. Vernor's needs a good cleaning still, as does the DR Pepper. actually they are all pretty nice shape, I am happy with that buy! the Pure Sprins is the 4th...
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    latest buy

    Havent been around site for a while so thought id post some bottles i picked up from a guy who worked at Pepsi. couple were "defect" ones due to they contained items other than pop lol. Neat to get a couple with caps. havent seen that DR pepper before, but im a noob still! have to clean em and...
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    Mountain Dew no deposit no return bottle uncovered

    nice find! if youve never seen it in the wild RCO, it must be rare! LOL
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    70’s/80’s Embossed Mountain Dew Bottle

    Nice find! I still have 2 clear ones with no info on them, other than no deposit no return. same shape and size. may have been paper labels missing on mine :)

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