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    Super Scores

    haha, you guys weren't supposed to scan back to the other things i posted! [:)] *blush* i have a few albums on that site of things im interested in, including candies ( yeah, im getting a more discerning eye as the years pass.... i've started to throw some out, but only really...
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    Green Poison

    I bought this baby at an antique store... i dont know if its worth what i paid, but who cares, its a beauty!
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    Super Scores

    I found these for a good price at an antique store in north florida. these as a whole are better than my collection at present! enjoy! (im linking to pics in my flickr account... i cant stand to resize every image to put directly on this site)...
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    Store Buys

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    Store Buys

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    Store Buys

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    Store Buys

    Some of my new babies
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    Purple Bottle: "R Vagt Brooklyn NY"

    I haven't been able to find this bottle on the internet. It is a purple bottle with "R Vagt" on top and "Brooklyn, NY" on the bottom and some sort of initial design in between. What type of bottle is this? Whats it used for? Is it of any value? Thanks!
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    My First Bottle Hunt! (my story)

    Finally found time to go back to the site. I brought better gloves and a small hand rake this time and went over the ground with my boyfriend at 8am before people came around and wondered what in the world I was doing... Got some bottles, nothing that great, most broken, but good enough for me!
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    Here's an interesting one....

    haha, i love it. :D
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    haha, thank you. That's my Schwinn that I bought off Craigslist for $25 that's permanently stuck in one gear... but it's pretty and I ride it everywhere :)
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    Is this a Poison?

    I bought this today. It is a twelve-sider and is lighter blue. Could it be a poison? There is no embossing.... I would appreciate anyone's insight. :)
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    A bunch of smaller ones for a buck a piece.
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    This one was pretty. Wondering if it's a poison or just oddly shaped for the prettiness.
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    My first Lydia Pinkham. I had a tradecard for a while, now I have the bottle too :)
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    Back of bottle above (this was still full of its contents. I'm a sucker for labeled bottles, even more if they have their original contents...)
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    Some Antique Store Buys

    As a birthday gift, I did what every 20-something year old girl wants to do... I went to the mall. The antique mall that is. Shopped til I dropped and picked up a few bottles for my collection!
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    Large complete bottle collection for sale

    *jaw drops* I wish I could just look through all of them just to appreciate them all.... would never have the room for 4000 bottles though. But wow...
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    Medicine Blog?

    This is great! As someone who exclusively collects medicine bottles, this would be great. I'm bookmarking your blog :)

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