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    Id help Old whiskey bottle? age range?

    Any photo you send should be sitting on a horizontal surface with no distractions in a neutral background — including fingers!
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    What is this bottle?

    I meant, 1973, not 1874 as the start date of the company.
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    What is this bottle?

    1873, not 1876. I looked the company on the databases. One indicator of scarcity is that the M-H Indianapolis page shows no photos of existing bottles or advertising. is a free Internet database, always open to photos or other collectibles for the thousands of...
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    What is this bottle?

    Mullaney Hsyes was a wholesale liquor distributor for n Indianapolis from ca. 1874-1891. Whiskey is a hook likelihood, going on the earlier dates. Color, 12-panel (?) base indicate early, too. Nice find.

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