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    Dug several unusual "Firsts" in 1880-toc privy

    Fantastic finds! The photographs are a real gem, you don't see those come out of the ground very often. I would be tempted to check out census records to determine who lived in the house in the 1880s - that may give some leads as to who these fellows are. Great finds all around, hope the rest...
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    Sniffed out a brand-new dump! Test-hole yields tasty TOC trash!

    Excellent prospects! May many great local rarities await you :)
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    This past month's many finds from the "Roaring '20s Dump", including Silver and Gold!

    Great finds, thanks for sharing! Looks like a great dump to dig
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    thowing more durt.

    Those Gilka's are always a great find, even if they aren't terribly rare. I love how crude and heavy some of them are!
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    This isn't glass....but it's just as good!

    Great find! I remember the thrill of finding my first (and last) gold coin digging an early 1900s city dump. It was completely unexpected. Mine wasn't nearly as old as yours. Love it!
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    2014 Dig Pics with Cache!

    Very cool! That cache is really interesting... is it mostly costume jewelry? Any idea on age?
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    Holiday Gifts For Bottle Diggers

    I love to look though old patents in search of bottle designs for some of the items we dig up. I designed these mugs for myself featuring some of the cooler bottle collecting designs that I found, and I like them so much that I think other diggers/collectors might be interested in them too. You...
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    Holiday Gifts For Bottle Diggers

    I'm starting this thread as a way to post products that are geared for the bottle digger / collector (besides bottles!) and that would make a good gift for the holiday. I've come across a bunch of interesting items over the past year or so (antique bottle candles, good bottle brushes) but I...
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    Some Recent Digs

    I have't posted in awhile, since my old username Brichardson58 vanished from the ABN system for some reason :( At any rate, I have been digging periodically over the summer. Mostly 1890s-19teens stuff, with the occasional late throw. Here are some dig pictures and a couple interesting bottles...

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