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  1. June's Jars

    Glass Lids for Crown Fruit Jars

    I believe that you are correct! I just found a pdf file of The Diamond Glass Companies of Montreal, Canada by Bill Lockhart, Beau Schriever, Bill Lindsey, and Carol Serr. I will be searching these names for jar (lid) identifications from now on. It seems they have written about each of the...
  2. June's Jars

    Glass Lids for Crown Fruit Jars

    No sorry. I got side traded and had to put these lids on the back burner. I keep wanting to say it is a Lightning, but pretty sure that is incorrect. I remember my Mother talking about it and hoping it will come to me. Perhaps another member will be able to identify it for us?
  3. June's Jars

    Glass Lids for Crown Fruit Jars

    Thank you for responding. I start taking photos this morning, but think that I have far too many pictures to to post here? I will try to post a spattering. There is one that has a nice design, no name (#2754) . I know that I know the jar name, but won't come to me for the life of me! Had I...
  4. June's Jars

    Glass Lids for Crown Fruit Jars

    Hi all. I am new to your group, so please forgive my questions, if you have already answered somewhere before and I have not found them. I "inherited" a box of glass lids in 2006, that had been part of my Mother's fruit jars collection. As much as I have always wanted to keep them and do...

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