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    A few pics that I photo shopped of a couple bottles .

    Bottles out sunning themselves.
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    New dump on Saturday

    I met up with a buddy I met through a bottle forum. He took me to a huge dump not far from his place. These are a few that I have cleaned so far. Ken...
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    Wells ??

    I started digging into it.Only 4 feet so far . It has been filled in with bricks and stones .Really not sure if it is worth the effort.Might just keep looking for the privy. Problem is I don't have a probe or detector.
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    Wells ??

    What do I do if I find a "Old" well in the woods ?ThanksKen
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    more stuff.

    The doll looks crosseyed .Nice black bottle .
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    Ethics Question

    You should ask permission to take the bottles .
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    20 Dump

    Great finds !Really like the compass .
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    Doctor Who

    Good show brother[;)]
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    what kind of bottle and age ?

    I can tell you it is a real beauty.CongratulationsNice find .
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    Churches ??

    I live near a church that backs on to a steep hill which is all wooded.Recently I have having good luck finding older bottles.I was thinking the church may be good for sodas and the odd whiskey ?Anyone else done searches around churches ?ThanksKen.. P.S. On hills are the whole bottles usually...
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    more from the river

    The Harris farm milk bottle is really nice .
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    hundreds of thousends bottels

    Those bottles are unbelievable .Just amazing.Thanks
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    Pontil... um, pumpkin?

    Those are gorgeous bottles .Great find .[:D]
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    Key West Bottles

    Very nice indeed.Thanks for sharing .

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