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  1. smith382

    Donald Tucker Book

    Thank you for the offer, one was on eBay after many months and I got it. I paid dearly for it, it was over $100 when shipping and taxes were figured in but, at least I now have one. I hope you get a good price for your book.
  2. smith382

    Old Pocket Watch

    The cheaper "dollar watches" had pop on and off backs that you can open with a watch case opener (or a dull knife, if you're VERY careful to not cut yourself in the process). The quality of the engraving on this case leads me to believe that this is a higher quality watch, probably in a gold...
  3. smith382

    Donald Tucker Book

    Thanks, I keep hoping one pops up, but it doesn't. I've got Saratogas By Bernhard C. Puckhaber. The National Bottle Museum had a copy of the 1976 edition for sale, since they had multiple copies. I was at a flea market this summer and I saw a copy of the book with a different cover. Turns...
  4. smith382

    Donald Tucker Book

  5. smith382

    Donald Tucker Book

    I've started collecting Saratoga's and have been looking for A Collector's Guide To Saratoga Bottles by Donald Tucker for a while now. Is anybody aware of how to get a copy of this book? I've been searching eBay and the internet for months now, and there are never any for sale. For such a...
  6. smith382


    I think an asking price of $535 for a common $100 bottle says it all. The person brags a lot about the process and expects the buyer to pay for it!
  7. smith382

    Oldest coin found with metal magnet so far

    People in the metal detector hobby sometimes soak copper coins in olive oil to try to loosen surface dirt and minerals stuck to the surface. It might work in this case, but it couldn't hurt, the coin's value as a collectable coin won't exceed five cents, but the coin has a great story.
  8. smith382

    E-Bay has given up on policing of "posting in the wrong category!"

    After you run a search, you'll have categories on the left-hand side. Fifth one down, after buying format is item location. Click within the US Only circle, and it will only list items here within the states.
  9. smith382

    Seeley's Son New York

    There is a Seelys 28 oz bottle on Ebay for $5. Description states that the company was started in 1857 and was bought out by Canada Dry in 1928. Just bought the bottle to go with the three matching stoneware bottles I have for this bottler. Antique dealer had three at a show but didn't think...

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