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  1. TrashPanda

    1830s? G sidebotham squat soda

    I would guess closer to 1850s and uncommon one, but no rare. $80-$120. But this depends on unique qualities or damage. Nice post thanks for sharing.
  2. TrashPanda

    Some freshies enjoy ROBBYBOBBY

    Robbybobby I still think you are really close on the PL date 1930ish is what I was thinking but could be all the way up to the 40s
  3. TrashPanda

    Lancaster Pa hutch

    Not a new dug bottle but one I dug and wanted to share the embossing on this slugplate. Hope you enjoy and notice: SPRENGER TRADEMARK REGISTERED. LANCSTER. PA.
  4. TrashPanda

    Some freshies enjoy ROBBYBOBBY

    Petrolgar Laboratories (1931), Reichel Laboratories (1940) and SMA Corporation (1943), all of which were amalgamated in 1943 to form Wyeth Laboratories. I believe you also dug a John Wyeth dosing cup when digging you PL sample bottle
  5. TrashPanda

    West Philada. Bottle

    I would say most likely liquor. Very unlikely it was soda.
  6. TrashPanda

    Maybe an old ketchup bottle.

    Can I add my cobalt blue bottle I just found?
  7. TrashPanda

    Does this count as a poison!!!

    Nice poison! Very hard to find it with the label as well as being full. Looks like it just came out of the drug store.
  8. TrashPanda

    Got this one in the Mail Yesterday.

    Did not know the bottler was this area. Pretty freaking nice.
  9. TrashPanda

    What a Crier....

    I was joking about the ID but if you post under wanted bottle section maybe someone else will have one for you. Seems Ted hasn't been on for 5 years
  10. TrashPanda

    What a Crier....

    Any identification?
  11. TrashPanda

    Found my first privy!

    Hemihampton I do the same thing. I give common bottles to co workers and friends and they love it. I believe it helps people get more involved in history and life before automation.
  12. TrashPanda

    One of a kind ink bottle in Savannah Georgia

    Would love to join a dig sometime. Savannah is beautiful in scenery and in history.
  13. TrashPanda

    Moxie Trademark Nerve Food bottle?

    Great point. Can I change my dates to 1897- 1910? maybe Bob can give a more precise answer.
  14. TrashPanda

    Moxie Trademark Nerve Food bottle?

    This person's article was my influence
  15. TrashPanda

    Geo.W Flanagan's 2 others

    That makes alot of sense.. How about lack of quality air vents/ uncleaned air vents. I wonder how they could get better embossing with no vents. They glass blowers where amazing.
  16. TrashPanda

    Moxie Trademark Nerve Food bottle?

    I believe crown tops starting out about 1892 but that moxie could definitely be 1900ish. I am sure some knows more about Moxie and this style than me
  17. TrashPanda

    Pensacola FL bottles

    I would say they do not since it's been 3years since we seen them.
  18. TrashPanda

    Moxie Trademark Nerve Food bottle?

    I would date it about 1890's.
  19. TrashPanda

    Moxie Trademark Nerve Food bottle?

    Moxie's flavor is unique, a sweet drink with a bitter aftertaste. Moxie is flavored with gentian root extract, an extremely bitter substance commonly used in herbal medicine. Moxie was designated the official soft drink of Maine on May 10, 2005. It continues to be regionally popular today...

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