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    wtb: Cincinnati Ohio soda and mineral water bottles

    Hello all, it's been awhile. I'm looking for Cincinnati soda and mineral water bottles. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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    Wanted to buy Cincinnati soda bottles

    I will try and get some pictures tomorrow for you.
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    Wanted to buy Cincinnati soda bottles

    I found a website that list a C B owens in an open pontil varient. Here is the website you can type in the city and it will shop you soda's and beers from that city some with pictures and some not. Hope that story is not true that would be sad.
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    Wanted to buy Cincinnati soda bottles

    I have around 10 or so picture hutches from Cincinnati. Still looking for one with a swan on it those are hard to find
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    Wanted to buy Cincinnati soda bottles

    I actually just got my first pontiled soda this weekend from one of my dads friends its a tapered top C B Owens now its got me wanting more lol.
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    Wanted to buy Cincinnati soda bottles

    Hello, thanks for reading. I'm looking to start collecting Cincinnati soda bottles. Im from the area and looking for something local to collect. If you have any you would like to sell please let me know. Thanks, Mike
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    5 LIGHTNING jars for sale!!

    Hello all, would like to first off thank everyone for the help on this fourm. I have for sale 5 lightning jars would like to see all 5 and not split them up but maybe willing. The colors range from amber, and a light yellow amber. And one has a slight olive tint to it. I'm looking for around 350...
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    Hello, What are you interested in trading for?
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    Sad News

    Very sad news!! Very intelligent around the bottle world and in general. Super nice guy. My father used to dig with him here in the Cincinnati area when I was younger and i got to be around him a lot. He will be missed! R.I.P Digger Odell.
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    A few items i've been looking for

    Hello I wanted to post a few items i've been looking around for. First off is pottery marked U. KENDALL'S FACTORY CIN. O Second is a hutch from cincinnati ohio with a picture of a swan. And last are lightning jars that you may have. Thanks for looking and God bless.
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    Mansfield, Ohio Bottle Show - May 7th

    I will be there, not set up but hopefully buying some stuff
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    wanted to buy mason's 1858 jars

    Hello, I'm looking to buy quart size colored mason 1858 jars. If you may have any please send me a message thanks so much, Mike
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    Mason jar find

    Nice jar.. Just started collecting mason's cross jars.
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    My Collection Of Flask An Cross Jars

    Thanks everyone. Looking forward to being around for awhile and learning some stuff from fellow collectors.
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    My Collection Of Flask An Cross Jars

    close up of the four flask on the right
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    My Collection Of Flask An Cross Jars

    Thanks everyone. The hutches are picture hutches from cincinnati which is where just moved from. Still need one with the swan on it.
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    My Collection Of Flask An Cross Jars

    Hello all, I've been collecting for about 6 months now. I've been around bottles and jars all of my life as my dad has collected for many many years. Hope you like

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