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    I like colored bottles

    If I may... sun catchers are over rated.
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    Decanter Sealing

    Hi, You can get a glass adhesive at a auto parts store used for attaching rear view mirrors that would work. Hobby stores would have something too. Remember to clean off any old glue cause it didn't work in the first place. DD
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    Curious Milk Bottle with Spout

    Looks like someone got sick of cleaning the neck and just so happened to have a wet saw handy. DD
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    Short dig

    Really nice find! Whats up with the other glass you found with it? There's some embossing I see just wondering what era it was tossed with. DD
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    Todays Privy Story.

    Hey Leon, Have you got any pics of them washed up? I was wondering what the rounded one fourth pic was and the one you were holding in the hole. They may not seem special but any glass is better then no glass at all.. DD
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    Crystal Canning or Milk Jar

    Hey Russ, Nice find and Welcome to the site. The jar you found was a food jar made before the crystal jar for milk that was made around 1880. Here's a bit of history on your find Looks like you found a nice spot to dig so get back out there and...
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    Gold Rush camp finds

    Cool! Good luck to you all and again... HAPPY DIGS
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    Gold Rush camp finds

    Looks like somebody was doing some celebrating by the beer and steak sauce bottles. Being an old gold rush camp I'd be grabing my metal detector to see if they forgot where they put their poke. Happy digs.. DD
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    Mustard Bottle W. Braunewell

    Found a little info here.
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    found a Hazel Atlas bottle

    Hey Fosy, Welcome to the site! If you like finding stuff like some of us do what the real find might have been the is the old remains. Have you got away to find out how old this site is? This link will help you figure out if there's some old stuff to find or...
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    Mohawk Valley (ny) Bottle club's 23 rd show and sale may 9 th.

    Hey, I just saw this a little while ago on craigslist... When I saw that Cazdigger was on tonight Made me think other local members or visitors might not know it was coming up. See ya there... DD
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    Dr. Caldwell's w/ label and contents.

    Hey, Well I have not been able to get out to dig or m'd for awhile so I've had to resort to yard sale'n. The other day I stopped at one of those "jelly jar" sales but they did have this one bottle.They asked me what it was worth of course I said a buck. It's alot for a common but I,m ok with it...
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    Victorian relic or modern trash?

    Cool you kept it, It's an english "chow chow" sauce bottle. Could'nt find a value but here's some good info on it.
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    Obviously not 1860 gin bottle

    Maybe pontil means something else where he's from. The bottom of that one says Full Quart. This bottle turned up on the forum on 12/5/11 and epackage dated it 1900's.
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    Privy Dig Surprise.

    Hey Leon, Cool sign and in great shape for a 1933-35 buried for quite a while. Found this... DD
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    Tumbling grit recipe?

    Hey Dasa, Welcome to the forum! If you would like an answer today all you have to do is go back in time. 3 pages back and half way down the page you'll be enlightend. They've been waiting for you...DD (sorry,didn't know how to add the link.)
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    Crudely etched glass on oddly shaped bottle?

    Is there any wear around that ridge part way up? Looks like it could have sat in a warmer/vaporizer base.
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    First field finds

    Hey Bob, Looks like a good use of a nice day! Now it's time to pack a lunch and walk the line. Never did find anything sitting down, DD
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    Facebook Groups for Jar Collectors

    Hey fellow "super member", I'm having trouble trying to figure out why you would post these links here in our discussion group. I just don't think It's right when people are putting links on here that are not usefull resceach sites that help us enjoy this fun and intresting hobby. Happy...
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    Wanted: Dr Broga Liver Syrup Bottle in Oneida NY

    Hey Albert, Welcome to ABN. I've heard of these being around here so you might want to get a hold of these guys. Happy Digs.. Don

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