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    What Color?

    Have to agree with a previous poster that this is likely the selenium reaction in the glass. Similar to manganese and the pinkish purple effect you get. Everyone has their definition of color, but to most jar collectors, this would be straw yellow.
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    Rare Ball Jar

    Very rare. Only a few examples are known to exist and I think most, if not all, of those have damage.
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    Mason Jar 1858

    Quarts are still around $40-50, but this looks like it could be a midget pint? If so, it's more like $150 rather than $50
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    Awful long time to be spinning a bottle in what could be accomplished in a week. If they are using anything other than polish, I'd probably run the other direction from buying because it's likely over polished.
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    Lafayette Script

    The Lafayette script jars do have value. As usual, it depends on the condition and size. Generally, pints command more than the half gallons, which bring more than the quarts.
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    is it real

    Pretty sure this one is irradiated. Manganese used to be added, which would eventually turn pinkish to purple depending on the amount. Selenium was then used and would usually turn a "motor oil" amber when irradiated. There may have been other additives after that.
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    Lafayette Jar

    Jim, still a good find. Lids can be found for $75 or less. Be aware there are two versions on the Lafayette lid. There is one with 2 "wings" or horizontal tabs on the metal portion of the lid - these are for a different jar. You are looking for the 4 "winged" version (a.k.a. the "sherrif's...
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    Odd jar lid identification.

    This goes to The Valve Jar. It took a thick, spiral shaped wire closure. Not a rare lid, but not common either.
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    help with color of perfect mason jar.

    From the pic, I'd say you are right on.
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    North American Glass Jar Auction - Be cautious !!!!

    Greg is probably one of the more honest people in the hobby. I'd try contacting him by phone. I'm sure the snafu with PayPal is creating issues on his end too.
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    Large Root Mason Jar, RARE version?

    Maybe scarce, but not rare. The Redbook values it at about $30.
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    honey Amber lightning

    It depends on what hue of amber. Really light to yellow are very good. Pints are better than quarts. Condition is key too.
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    honey Amber lightning

    Scott, what sort of input are you looking for?
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    1860's Newman's Golden Fruit Bitters? Any Info??????

    Ring and Ham have it listed as ex. rare. According to the D&C Auction Price Guide, there were several recorded sales about 15-20 years ago ranging from $440 to $880 through Glassworks.
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    Help with BALL MASON'S PATENT 1858 1/2 GALLON

    Check into the 253 numbers in the Redbook. I think this is what you are looking for.
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    Target balls WANTED

    I keep trying to sell you one, but you must not like it! [:)]
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    Vintage Ball Jar- Real or Repro

    Beware, the tiny half pint Ball Perfect Mason has been reproduced
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    Lack of experience leads to ?s

    Could be normal. Some farm privies can be shallow. could be a clay plug. Either probe or dig down a little further to see if it continues.
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    Strange Color Ayer's Sarsaparilla

    Jim, I used to get pretty upset as well. I realized its a fight I'll never win. Knowledgeable collectors know better...for the most part. These people prey on the unknowing or unsuspecting. I've become realistic about what nuker's do. If people want a dark purple jar and are willing to pay...

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