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  1. bottles_inc

    Snagged a nice little flask!

    30?!?! nice.
  2. bottles_inc

    The strange flea market jar

    cool find. throw some nuts or something in there
  3. bottles_inc

    H C Selick New York Bottle

    looks like a florida water bottle
  4. bottles_inc

    South African Bottles 1880-1920

    post some pics in the thread
  5. bottles_inc

    Estate Sale finds

  6. bottles_inc

    Decanter collection (pontil!)

    very little tabel wear on the bottom of the bottle for a 200 yr old bottle. probably a newer reproduction
  7. bottles_inc

    1 LB Steel Coffee Can Tins painted & 1 paper label

    was made out of a victorian pattern marroon lacey sorta cloth, had 7 cans sewn into it in a hexagon shape. was dusty and falling apart
  8. bottles_inc

    1 LB Steel Coffee Can Tins painted & 1 paper label

    there was a mint O.P. cobalt NYC soda inside of each one
  9. bottles_inc

    1 LB Steel Coffee Can Tins painted & 1 paper label

    Lipton, Newell & Trusdell Binghamton N.Y. paper label, McTighe Grocery Company Binghamton N.Y., E-J Workers Johnson City Endicott N.Y. Old Homestead Brand for International Coffee Co. N.Y. These had been tied together and sewed into an ottoman I found at an estate sale. Paints generally in good...
  10. bottles_inc

    Edward Rafter - Circle Slug Plate Embossed Flask

    wow great flask! lucky
  11. bottles_inc

    Some new shoots of my newly acquired master ink and inkwells. Also some peppers sauces I just got.

    wow that Bell Top. Never seen anything like it. where'd you find it?
  12. bottles_inc

    Photos of all know Long Island Pontiled Bottles

    shouldve said pontilled beverage* bottles, but oh well. Never heard of Seabury bottles, got any pics/info?
  13. bottles_inc

    Wondering if you all have seen a coca cola bottle with this labeling?

    pretty sure it wouldve had the same label as these
  14. bottles_inc

    John Duringer Bottle. / Carondelet, Missouri

    wow, thats a great one
  15. bottles_inc

    Todays finds

    pretty sure thats my flip flop
  16. bottles_inc

    Eagle Bottling Works

    don't normally collect elmira but i picked this one up bc of the strange shape and the cool pictoral
  17. bottles_inc

    Hi, I'm new.

    post plenty of pics! more the better

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