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    Drey canning jar

    Is this an indication it was made pre Ball purchase? I also wonder if the marks are date or batch number?
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    Drey canning jar

    I found this marking on the neck of the jar. “Y X “ I can’t really make out the third one.
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    Drey canning jar

    I found this jar this last weekend at an estate sale for $1! It caught my eye because I’ve never heard of Drey before. I don’t feel this is one that was made after Ball purchased them in 1920 because it doesn’t have the concentric circles on the bottom or markings on the side. 1/2 gallon, clear...
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    Howdy from Oklahoma

    I found an old Drey canning jar this last weekend at an estate sale. While trying to research it I found this page. I have collected Moderntone Cobalt blue depression glass for years and recently acquired my mom’s Petal Swirl Aquamarine collection. I look forward to learning from y’all!

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