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    Whiskey Jug

    Beats me. Apparently this "4" on all of his labels meant something to him -- and I hope to his customers! I don't have a clue!
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    Whiskey Jug

    Yeah, you're right. All references I have found to "C. Lacher" whiskey jugs have the number "4" on the label -- the Mississippi Bottle Book and two separate half gallon jugs all list the "4". No doubt that meant something to Mr. Lacher, but what I have not found out! Certainly is unclear...
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    Whiskey Jug

    I found a reference to C. Lacher in a jug book. See photos. Doesn't answer any of my questions, but the book info includes the number "4". I did find a reference to "C. Lacher" in a 'jug book. See photos. Didn't answer my question though.
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    Whiskey Jug

    I just found the 'reply' button. I had already posted another explanation and photo, so please scroll and find it.
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    Whiskey Jug

    The jug measures to be a Half Gallon. It has obvious age to it -- especially the bottom and a large chip at the base. There would be four pints in a half gallon ( two-quart jug ), but it is not usual to see a half gallon jug marked in this way. That said, I just now got up and checked, and...
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    Whiskey Jug

    I recently found a Half Gallon whiskey jug -- "C. Lacher", Vicksburg, Miss." This is a brown glazed jug with the information 'scratched' on. What I don't know is why the number "4" is etched on the label. I would appreciate any help. Please check out the photo. Mike
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    Here is a picture of my new Half Gallon whiskey jug -- what does the "4" stand for?

    Here is a picture of my new Half Gallon whiskey jug -- what does the "4" stand for?
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    Mississippi whiskey jugs

    I collect Mississippi milk bottles and Mississippi whiskey jugs. I just acquired a Half Gallon 'scratch' whiskey jug -- "C. Lacher" from Vicksburg, MS. It has the number "4" on the label, but it is only a half gallon jug -- so, what does the "4" stand for?

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