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    Test hole dug on my First privy/trash pit?

    To bad you do not have a backhoe. If it is a well, the interior wall would be lined with rock. If it is a privy, probably not lined with rock. The closeness to the house, makes me think a privy. Probably worth digging it, if you are young and strong. Cheers
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    1 gallon whiskey jug Michael (fstr)
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Maybe, if the price is right
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Ticks and chiggers are the daily finds!
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Have not been digging seriously, but do keep my eyes open. I have picked up one keeper in the last two months. Not setting the world on fire!
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Whiskey Jug Yes, I still have the jug :cool: Michael
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Thanks for the info Eddie and Casper. I have been a casual collector for the past 30 years. Only picking up what may be on the surface. I believe I will start digging and become a nut like the rest of you guys.
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    What is this?

    Looks like a french drain system for septic, as previously described by VA.
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    Thank you for the reply Crozet. Do you think it came from the same distillery?
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    1 gallon whiskey jug

    This is a 1 gallon whiskey jug I recently found in the woods, in nearly perfect condition. The label says: SEND ORDERS TO DRY FORK DISTRIBUTING CO. DISTILLERS & SHIPPERS OF PURE 100 PROOF CORN WHISKEY DRY FORK, VA. My research shows that the company stopped making whiskey with the coming...
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    a couple more embossed soda's to my collection

    I also found a fleming exactly like the one you have pictured. Found in eastern nc, don't remember where, back in the late '70's or early 80's. I know a bit more about it now.

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