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    Halifax Hutchinson

    Can anyone help with info on a Hutchinson from W H Donovon, Halifax which I assume is from Nova Scotia. Thanks David
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    Scottish whiskey bottle

    I would think this bottle dates around 1900 -1910
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    Repro or Fake Warners

    Picked this bottle up in an op shop here in South Australia. There is no base mark
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    Some more U S Pot Lids

    Just a refresh as still looking for American Pot Lids that I do not have, Thanks David
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    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    See post in What is it before 1900
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    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    Thank you for the info and now wonder if any of the Fruit Jar collectors have a full jar with original lid.
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    J C Bakers Patent, Aug,14 1860

    Thought I had picked up an early Fruit Jar. This item is around 2 pint size and looks exactly like a fruit jar sitting in a metal base but there is no base to the glass item and do not know what it may have been used for. The centre section on the base fits in a slot to lock it in. Would...
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    U S Pot Lids

    Recent addition
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    Collection For Sale North Bay Ontario

    Hi, Just wondering if you have any Pot Lids. Thanks
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    WTS Selling Collections: Moving Across Country for University

    Hi, Just wondering if you have any Pot Lids or overseas bottles. Thanks David
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    1700-1740 English Black Glass Onion bottle on Ebay 300 years old!

    Very lucky survivor from the Sea and appears to have no damage on the string rim which is unusual
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    Whats up old guys???

    I still log on regularly after all these years and answer any posts that I can help with but the posts that used to be put on about Pot Lids that were my specialty are very few and far between these days as digging seems to have dried up somewhat and far less items are being found.
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    Info Needed on Melvin & Badger Apothecary Jar

    Hi, This jar and lid dates to around 1890 - 1900 and would be valued at around $75.00. Unfortunately the lid is plain and not underglaze printed with the contents listed and if it had been would have been worth considerably more.
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    Purple color Onion Shape bottle with glass pineapple seal

    Definitely not old and an unknown color glass for a bottle of that style and also no base wear.
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    Glenn & Co jar

    This company also had several Pot Lids
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    Codd Bottle No Embossing - Age or Origin?

    Definitely an Indian made Codd bottle but quite likely made after Independence( C 1950 ) from recycled glass and as mentioned these bottles are still being used today in parts of India
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    American Pot Lids

    Still after U S Pot lids especially U S Holloways lids and small ointment pots
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    U S Pot Lids

    Still looking for one of these pots

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