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    Recent heart breakers

    the hostetters are never broken theyre like sawyers crystal blueing! nice finds
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    Paper Label Hole-Punched Numbers

    thanks. this has been very frustrating. seems simple like 1921, but then i saw a bottle online somewhere which had 48 punched into the paper but was listed as being made a decade later (i chose those dates arbitrarily). i dont know these type bottles at all. starting to enjoy them though.
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    Paper Label Hole-Punched Numbers

    bump nobody? nothing? seems fishy the experts here cant toss some sort of bone.
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    Detroit Demolition Find.

    you are my hero! your posts teach me much and are really fun to read. red arrow! ive been looking at those on ebay.
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    Radio Aromatic Ginger Ale Paper Label

    i found this one in an antique shop for seventeen bucks. the camera flash made it look like wear on the indians braid. if anyone has the aromatic version and wouldnt mind parting with it please please please let me know. thanks enjoy the pic Mason & Fenn
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    Insulator kind of day !!!!!

    light blue is a 145. the rest are 154s.
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    Paper Label Hole-Punched Numbers

    Can anyone tell me what these punches are for? This one says 21. Date? Shop number? Production number?
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    Have you dug a Codd bottle in the US?

    it was a ROESHMAN & BROS. Listed as 51609AA in the Codd bottle PDF
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    Have you dug a Codd bottle in the US?

    I dug a PA codd bottle in the small town of Athol MA. Funny cause Athol has one codd listing.
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    Democratic debate

    Anyone here a Libertarian? Free minds, free markets, limited government. If I were to turn on the news 4, 10, 20 years ago I would be watching the same thing. Conservatives vs. liberals back and forth. Both two peas in a rotten pod that want the exact same thing - increased size and scope of...
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    Stoddard Lamp Globe?

    But seriously, why would Pier One make something like this? What would you do with it? Theres a bit of aged rust on the top too. Maybe it was an apprentice's first week on the job.........:flag:
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    Stoddard Lamp Globe?

    Could this have been produced at Stoddard? An end of the day piece perhaps? It shows slight signs of wear here and there. Don't know why any modern glassblower would make something like this. I guess the proper word would be chimney?
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    Found some Color

    Really nice finds. Congratulations
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    Two tubular pontil umbrella inks

    Yes from the insulator collecting world. Is this Jim S.? I know Jim H. is into bottles and from the West also. Thanks for the great info! Much appreciated. -Mason
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    Two tubular pontil umbrella inks

    Figured colors like these would have come from somewhere south of New England or the mid-west. The puce has a sticker on the bottom, says it sold in 1993 for somewhere in the thousand dollar range (forgot the exact price on it). Does that sound right for '93?
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    Two tubular pontil umbrella inks

    Could anyone give me an educated guess as to what region these were blown in and also what kind of price they might command? One is either puce or cranberry, the other is a bright green, maybe leaning towards emerald or yellow-green with possibly a bit of olive to it.
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    what is this insulator???

    I have the unipart guide but am horrible for the most part at identifying these signal types.
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    U.S.TEL.CO., Hemingray

    Ugh. The filter on this site is sofa king rediculous. Took me forever to figure out that you said do***ented, doc um ented.
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    U.S.TEL.CO., Hemingray

    From the top it looks like a CD 102 but I'm not positive. Might be a 121. Very common either way. Find a 102 that says WESTINGHOUSE NO. 3 and thats a completely different story =)

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