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    WTS/WTT 250+ bottles

    Anyone in CT or close that wants to make a deal on a lot of bottles? Roughly 175-200 blobs and hutches and another 70-80 milks. Most are New England, NY, NJ, PA
  2. Y

    Straight sided clear 6.5 Oz coke

    Got it - thanks
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    WTB Looking for cathedral peppersauce

    Be happy to consider anything folks have to offer.
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    WTS/WTT Various milk bottles

    Various Milk bottles that I'd like to get rid of. I'd prefer to stay off ebay and find new homes here. Prices will vary as will shipping depending on where you are. I'd be happy to trade if you have East Hampton CT bottles. Please message me if you are interested in a particular bottle -...
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    ACL bottles for sale

    Really need to focus and so I’m getting rid of these. Would prefer to not list on eBay if there is interest.
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    Root Beer and a SeeWee

    So I picked up both of these bottles because I had never seen them before. The Seewee I meant to buy back in April but the shop was closed when I went by again - but luckily this time it was open and still there. I've never seen either bottle myself but I think the Seewee is a rare one based...
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    Christmas coke 1923 question

    I saw a coke dated dec 25 1923 from forest park NY. Of course, I don’t have a book to know if it’s a good one. Can anyone with a copy take a look for me? No idea on values for Coke’s which is why I tend to stay away TIA
  8. Y

    Donald Duck or popeye with music

    Yesterday I found a few pieces of an ACL bottle that was blue and white. I thought it was a picture of popeye in a boat but now I’m not sure. Maybe it could have been Donald Duck. Anyway, later I found another piece that appeared to have music lyrics on it. I’ve tried googling it but...
  9. Y

    KIK - A canadian ACL

    So I picked this bottle up because when I saw it was a football player; I figured it would have more widespread appeal. I've since learned its a Canadian bottle and is on the rare side.
  10. Y

    Philadelphia Medicines and druggists

    Going through some bottles I just recently got and pulled out some of the philly medicines I came across. Don't really know anything about them and whether they are rare, common etc. but thought i would share them. My photos suck so I apologize. 1. Theodore Netter barrel shaped. 1232...
  11. Y

    A bunch of new (to me) jars

    Ended up meeting someone who had a bunch of bottles and jars and I brought home 17 different jars. My problem, as I've stated before, is I don't really know what anything is with Jars so I just buy things I think are cool and that have a price I can live with. I think I'm going to need to...
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    Few new ones - peppersauce, medicines, enbalming fluid

    I picked these up last week as a lot. I wanted the enbalming fluid bottle mostly but there are some good ones. 1. Dr Greene's Nervura Sample Bottle - this one I like because it says Sample bottle on it. I haven't been able to find many of the Dr Greene's around online and none that are...
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    New Jar - 22 I'm told

    So i picked this jar up at a local shop. I usually just find jars digging but this looked weird to me with the embossing. It was rough and almost looked like it was over something else. Someone has since told me its "a #22" which means nothing to me since I don't collect jars. Thought I...
  14. Y

    Member - OldMill

    Sorry - didn't know where to put this. Does anyone know or have contract information for member - OldMill, or know of a spot they still check? Seems that he/she hasn't been around in a few years. I sent a PM a while ago but it went unanswered. Thanks in advance
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    Looking for Information on a few bottles

    I'm finishing up going through bottles and trying to figure out what they all were, if they're common etc. I have 6 remaining that I can't seem to find information on. I was hoping people on the site might know something they could share. 1. A liquor bottle embossed Guaranteed full pint and...
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    Case Gin

    I was in a shop the other day and saw this bottle. I don't own any of these and the price was only $10 so I figured what the heck. I will admit, since I don't really have any open pontil bottles - the obvious pontil mark, with extra glass, and the low price had me wondering if I am missing...
  17. Y

    Are all Coca Cola Bottling Company bottles actually coca cola?

    This may sound like a dumb question. I have a bottle that is embossed Coca Cola Bottling Company around the shoulder in block letters. Around the bottom of the bottle it says Middletown, Conn. I have always assumed that the bottle had at one point had a label or something for another coke...
  18. Y

    ISO bottles from east Hampton or Portland CT

    I know there are a few east Hampton bottles out there (milks and medicine) and I know Portland CT has some too. Portland has a few blob sodas as well. if anyone has any bottles from these locations I’d be happy to buy or trade if I have something you’re interested in thanks
  19. Y

    Bang Soda and Canton Springs Ginger Ale - Any information?

    I have these bottles and can't find any information about them at all. Are they rare, are they valuable - for Bang - even where it was made. Appreciate any information someone may have.
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    Anyone recognize this makers mark?

    I purchased a group of bottles recently (see below) but don't know what the makers mark is on the small greenish bottle but I've been searching. Does anyone have any ideas whose mark that crown is? Thanks

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