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    Identification Helo, Pontil Cobalt Club Chestnut Style

    Any chance someone can narrow down where this one could have been made? Thanks!
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    THASMO Marble Stopper

    Anyone? I know they are pretty uncommon but just how uncommon? This one is a beautiful Amethyst color which looks fantastic with the bluish colored marble inside. Has anyone seen what these go for, I know there are a couple on eBay right now but I have never seen one sell before.
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    Pre Prohibition Amthyst Whiskey

    Rescued this one from an antique mall earlier today... W.W. Henderson Distiller of Pure Whiskies Asbury, MO. Anyone know anything about this fellow? From what I could find this town at it's highest had a population of 264 back in the 30's. I've seen a glass of his that the owner was not...
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    Anyone know anything about Mini Advertising Whiskey Jugs?

    Anyone? Maybe know where I can get some info. Pre Pro, CH Godwin Iron Mountain Saloon Monroe, LA. I can only find it listed in an article from 2006 and it is identical to the one pictured in that article.
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    Anyone have info on dating KERR bottles?

    I've looked around and can't find any substantial information to help me out here. I'm trying to date a Kerr bottle, it has a paper label on it but I believe the bottle is too recent to match the lable thus making it a knock off. Any help would be appreciated!! From top to bottom, left to...
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    Biedenharn Cand Company Stone Bottle?

    So I saw a Biedenharn Candy Co Vicksburg Stoneware bottle today...? Any info? Repro? I know it's not a "Coke" bottle but could this have been used prior to them bottling coke? I can't find any info on it and I figured someone here could tell me.
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    Biedenharn Candy Company Stoneware?

    Saw an unusual one today. A Green Biedenharn Candy Company Bottle. Almost a hutch shaped bottle. Any info? Anyone ever see one? I know it's not a coke bottle but were these used prior to coke? Or is it just a FAKE?
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    North Baltimore Bottling Glass Company...Any Help

    So. I've seen these bottles listed before, well atleast the more common made ones. I can't seem to find any info on this company. Hutchbook.com has this bottle, Eagle Bottling Works Tacoma, WA NBBGCO bottle as scarce. I know the common ones go for $10-$40 topps, any idea of what a SCARCE one...
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    Isaac Tuckers Gateshead....Anyone?

    This bottle is in incredibly great shape, any idea of the age?...help....please. I forgot to snap a pic of the top but, I've been digging through every thing I can find to get some info on this one and I found a thread of some English bottles and it has a top identical to one of the bottles in...
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    Isaac Tucker

    So I saw this guy yesterday, knew nothing about it so I snapped a picture. Later realized I didn't get a picture of the top but I remember it being a little different. Anybody have any info on this, age? Value? It's an awesome Olive color!
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    Adolphus Busch... Anyone seen this one?

    So I cam across this one today, it needs a good cleaning but doesn't seem to be cracked or chipped. Has A.B.G.M Co X11 on the bottom, this bottle is VERY dark, almost black! stuck a flashlight on the backside and could hardly see the light. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    William Roll Blue Island, ILL ????

    So I had to have this bottle simply because I didn't already have it. I saw a thread from about 7 years ago of a guy who only had a shard of the bottle and it was the front part.... Well I have a complete bottle and was wanting to know if anyone would like to take a stab at this one and share...

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