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    Paper Label Hole-Punched Numbers

    Can anyone tell me what these punches are for? This one says 21. Date? Shop number? Production number?
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    Stoddard Lamp Globe?

    Could this have been produced at Stoddard? An end of the day piece perhaps? It shows slight signs of wear here and there. Don't know why any modern glassblower would make something like this. I guess the proper word would be chimney?
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    Two tubular pontil umbrella inks

    Could anyone give me an educated guess as to what region these were blown in and also what kind of price they might command? One is either puce or cranberry, the other is a bright green, maybe leaning towards emerald or yellow-green with possibly a bit of olive to it.
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    Dr. Pierce's pleasant purgative pellets

    This advertisement was up for bid at an online auction house last month. If memory serves me correct it sold in the $2000 range, close to $3000.

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