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    Early Orange Crush Bottle (pat. 7/20 1920)

    I found a two sided OC 1920 bottle in Charleston with that city's name on the bottom it is in good condition. In fact July 20 is my dad's birthday.
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    Germania Brewing, Charleston SC

    Thanks for the valuable info.
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    Germania Brewing, Charleston SC

    Thanks for the info, His photo #11 is what I have. ABM / BIMAL?? Found this 1920 Orange Crush bottle in the same cistern.
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    Germania Brewing, Charleston SC

    During the70s at the College of Charleston I worked for man in the battery area. I was tasked to clean his old cistern and found a Germania Brewing Co bottle with sea shells within the glass. I could not find info on this company.
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    West African find

    It was found about 3/4 mile from one of the collection facilities. Nothing was there really in the 70s, so camping on the beach and buying fish from the small village nearby was a popular weekend adventure.
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    West African find

    Thank you for your expertise, I appreciate the information.
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    West African find

    On Badagry Beach in Nigeria while digging a hole to make a fire a very old bottle was found. It is square and not symetrical with no markings. It was found in 1977 and until now identification has not been possible for me. I have attached photos, any assistance to more understand the bottle's...

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