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  1. K

    An amazing list of actual reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum from the lat

    Wow Rick...what was it that got to you? Must have been Over Taxing Mental Powers that did you in!! Funny reading - thanks....Ron
  2. K

    Some things I picked up on vacation

    I like the Thorns. Unusual finish on the top. Most of the square bitters/tonics I have are tapered tooled. Nice bottles.....Thanks for sharing...Ron
  3. K

    Happy Birthday JOETHECROW!!!

    Happy Birthday Joe. You are the best and proud to call you my friend. Happy Digging....Ron
  4. K

    Is there any way to...

    Or ask them...
  5. K

    I never knew Gin was good for the kidneys --

    I heard that during prohibition, some gin was sold as medicine "Kidney Gin" to make it legal. I have several different bottles labeled Kidney Gin. If yours has 'Kidney' embossed on it, you have a ready buyer Rick..Thanks...Ron
  6. K

    Paying taxes on bottle sales

    Thanks all. I keep accurate records for what I paid, so if I do ever sell, I can deduct the cost and pay taxes on profit only...Ron
  7. K

    Paying taxes on bottle sales

    Do the Bottle Auction houses report the amount you receive from selling through them? I'm sure that a certain dollar amount is required by law to be reported, but is that figure for a single bottle sale or cumulative for the entire year? Thanks...Tons
  8. K

    New Pictures

    Last one - bottom of a Lash's Kidney and Liver Bitters.....Pacific Coast Glass Works....
  9. K

    New Pictures

    Other side of the Wait's....
  10. K

    New Pictures

    Wait's Kidney and Liver Bitters...
  11. K

    New Pictures

    Kurnitzki's Wire Grass Kidney and Liver....
  12. K

    New Pictures

    Top of a Warner's Kidney and Liver...
  13. K

    New Pictures

    The back side of a Lashes Kidney and Liver Bitters.....
  14. K

    New Pictures

    This top is a Dr. Klmer's Kidney and Liver Cure...
  15. K

    New Pictures

    I've been playing with the pictures I use for my laptop background slide show and thought I would share. This first one is E.J. Rose's Magador Bitters....
  16. K

    Opium Bottle

    The sealed bottle with liquid could be water. I had one with full label identified as sterile water or purified water or something like that. I sent it to Guntherhess last year. I have another one, full with label, that is Adrenalin. That liquid is more yellow though. I've also heard this...
  17. K

    Car laws su&$, then you die

    Two of my friends and I bought a car in the early 70's for $10. No back window, shakey brakes, etc. We used it to run into snow banks and other unhealthy pursuits. Used it for a year or so and sold it for $25. What a blast....Ron
  18. K

    Its time to give it away and help the kiddies out.

    RE: The Kids won 2nd place with their outhouse project Good Job Rick! Could not think of a better ambassador....Ron
  19. K

    It Aint Like On TV or I Thought I Might Slde In

    Jim..I remember those seltzers . Good job on those...Ron
  20. K

    It Aint Like On TV or I Thought I Might Slde In

    Pat/Jim (and others)...when you go to an auction, are you up for buying "anything" that you feel will bring a profit, or do you stick to certain comfortable categories, like bottles, comics, etc? About the best I've done is a bottle I got for $150. Only 4 known and hard to price, but guessing...

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