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    Related Brooklyn ponies?

    Yep they come to me pretty regularly too, mainly because I buy them because there's something cool about them. I almost wish I collected NYC, just for the diversity of molds and slugplates.. only thing about NYC is not much color besides aqua for some reason.
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    Related Brooklyn ponies?

    So my memory of this bottle is a little freezer-burned, it's not specifically Brooklyn, though it could be I guess, but more likely Manhattan: H Knebel / No. 458 4th St / New York I would date it 1870s
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    Related Brooklyn ponies?

    I would think they were made by the same glass house.. or if not, that was the style popular at the time. I've got a Knebel from Brooklyn which has a different font style altogether, I'll get a pic up later on.
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    CEO. Lamb & Co.

    Alrighty then let me jump in and do a little clarification thing here.. There are two Red Banks in NJ. The real one :cool: is in Monmouth county, on the Navesink river. That's where this bottle comes from. And there are no camping spots in this Red Bank, good luck finding a parking spot..!
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    CEO. Lamb & Co.

    Those are good looking blobs! BTW it's GEO as in George Lamb.. he was W A French's accountant before starting his own bottling co.
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    just me or does it seems rather quiet so far this year ?

    Hey everybody, I stopped collecting for a while to go back to college and change my career, and now I'm back into the bottles... NJ shore town beers & sodas to be specific. I was very active here from 2009 to 2013ish.. for me those were the good ole days before facebook and other crappy social...
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    Late 1800's? Anyone know what this is? No marks.

    Welcome to the forum! It looks like a 1980's era electric stove.. haha.. the bottle might be as old as 1900 and could have been a specialty wine or cordial, perhaps olive oil.. probably from Europe. Looks like it needs a bath!
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    Some Bottles For Sale!

    I might be interested in the Morristown bottling works crown..
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    Mini cathedral jar

    Thanks for the help folks! The one Kate took a pic of has a different lip treatment, otherwise looks the same. I wonder if this was a stock bottle from a glass house or made for a particular company?Apparently, there's some chat about this same specimen on face book, which I do not belong to...
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    Mini cathedral jar

    No, of course you would, and no.. we were both virgins, but it's a beginning of something, maybe..
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    Mini cathedral jar

    That's a great guess Surf, I guess..! A guy was standing at the base of a hill where large machinery was dumping big piles of relocated used earth.. it rolled down the slope and landed at his boot. He stuck it in his pocket and put it with all the other bottles he grabbed off the piles.. then he...
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    Mini cathedral jar

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    Mini cathedral jar

    ..back side..
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    Mini cathedral jar

    This little fellow is only 3 1/4" tall.. 8 sides, 5 windows, inward rolled lip, gnarly pontil.. I'd love to learn more about it..
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    Lip chip repair? Or not?

    Nice work Kev!
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