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    anyone interested ingiving info about tumbling?

    I bought all my merchandise (except for the canisters) through e bay for less than 300 dollars.
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    NYC, Northern NJ Digging

    I dig NYC all the time.Was there today.Let me know.I'll dig with you and then I'll show you a couple areas of mine.
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    Majic mosquito bite cure and insect destroyer

    thanks for the info on the mosquito bite cure, picked up another one today, a carbona oil,an aqua 1899 master ink,and some cobalt inks.Only problem is you got to dig towards low tide.
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    Majic mosquito bite cure and insect destroyer

    Its tough diggin but you find a lot of cobalts.Today I found a weyth without its cap.Another giant bromo and a embossed whiskey flask.Its right near a deep river.Maybe one day i'll dive in and see whats at the bottom of that river!
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    Majic mosquito bite cure and insect destroyer

    Here are the other bottles.
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    Majic mosquito bite cure and insect destroyer

    Found some nice bottles today.I finally found the wright layer the bottles are in.Found 2 Majic mosquito bite and insect destroyer embossed bottles.
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    no diggers in the chicago area?????????????

    Been digging by myself for 20 years.Everybody thinks i'm nuts digging for bottles!
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    CT (connecticut) RI diggers

    Hey SMD I walk in the mud for mine.I also have a diving card.Maybe one day you'll come down here Near NYC and i'll show you some sites in the water that I think will yield us some nice finds.These are all places (inlets) where the dump spilled over into the mud and water.I'll try to get up to...
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    How many of you guys have dug one of these?

    You guys have all the luck! Beautiful find!
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    What is it.Looks like a glass oil quart.

    Anybody have any idea what this is.Its embossed "Paul Jones Co." It has the owens ring on the bottom.
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    Northern and central NY diggers?

    i'm from North salem and can make it up there.let me know
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    Bottles on e-bay

    I have a bunch of bottles for sale on ebay ....Here is the link You might find something you like!
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    2 Theo Youngs

    I just sold one on e bay for 10 bucks.I also have 2 aqua ones also.Try ebay.
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    Questions about my Tumbler

    Here is mine.I built it by getting parts from ebay for about 200. The canister i got from the jar dr.
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    Questions about my Tumbler

    Maybe very small bottles.The motor won't be able to handle the weight of a large bottle and media.
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    Warner's Bottles

    Looking for Warners bottles especially scalpine,log cabin cough and consumption,hops and buchu.
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    Dug my first cobalt poison testerday.

    here is a smaller pic
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    Dug my first cobalt poison testerday.

    Mine was a munions minted bromo all on a mint leaf

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