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    More Bottles from the River

    AWESOME! it gets me all amped up to see those finds, cool thanks
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    Northeast PA diggers looking for an extra set of hands?

    Hi Kelly, I am in Williamsport PA and also am interested in digging with someone, I am no familiar with pottsville dump do you have any more info, plus I dont have any leads on a good spot yet but I am asking around if you know of a good spot and want some help let me know my email is...
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    Who's diggin Central PA these days?

    Hey bottleman, went down there to rose street found several nice ones, a couple you may have even left behind, I found a very thick heavy cheracoke? bottle that is embossed williamsport brewing co. bummer is looks as if someone shot it with a bb gone still nice on the display shelf, also I...
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    Who's diggin Central PA these days?

    Wow Bottleman that is so awesome of you for giving me that info I will for sure be checkin it out cause I know right where yer talkin about, the hunt for me is just as exciting as the find, thank you will for sure keep you posted, ever wanna a diggin partner let me know
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    someone to dig with

    Hi, Ive replied to one post about central pa but I thought I would start one anyway, I would like to find someone to dig with in PA or even a group of peeps I could tag along with, I have 4 yr old twin boys who have always been around me lookin for bottles /antiques I believe they are gonna be...
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    Who's diggin Central PA these days?

    howdy diggers, Im a new guy in the forum, been chasin bottles for a couple years but have only done a couple digs, i live in williamsport pa and would love to get in on a dig with any of you central pa guys, or if anyone has any ideas where i could dig round here, tryin to find a old mountain...

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