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    Taller pint-Ball Perfect Mason????

    Hi all, I have posed the question to the Ball Jar Collectors Community Center regarding what the letters on the bottoms of this particular genre of jars might mean. Give them some time to look at their jars and I'm sure they will have something to contribute to this puzzler. Go to the...
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    Taller pint-Ball Perfect Mason????

    Hi Julie and Madman, Sorry I haven't been able to respond more often, but my computer time has been very limited of late. Even though there was an Owens plant in Fairmont, WVA these were not made by Owen's. They were made by Ball and in Muncie, Indiana. (where all of the Ball blue jars...
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    Taller pint-Ball Perfect Mason????

    Hi Julie and David, I don't mean to be disagreeable but this isn't an acquired mould or a Drey mould. The reason one jar is taller than the other is that they were made on different machines. The PERFECT MASON on the left with offset embossing was made c1913-1914 on the early Owen's machine...
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    1/2 gallon Ball jug

    Ball had thousands of customers and made just about any sort of glass container. Fruit jars made up only a small portion of their glass usage. As such, Ball made vinegar, juice and bleach 'jugs' for several customers. Ball even made liquor and wine bottles as well. Ball sold all of their...
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    BALL jar amber swirls

    Hi ajohn, First, thank you for the kind words! One of the things that I found out real early in jar collecting was that 95% of jar collectors are simply wonderful people and more than willing to share their knowledge with others, just like many others do here. Were it not for the many very...
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    BALL jar amber swirls

    And one other thing. The wire around the neck of the swirled jar. Does it end with a tiny loop and the other end of the wire stuck through it? And instead of a metal collar where the top wire fits, is it too made up of two loops of wire? If so, that would be an original neck wire for a The Ball...
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    BALL jar amber swirls

    Hi ajohn, Pretty jar! Amber swirling in Ball jars is a fairly common occurrance before the 1920s. Usually it was caused by something contaminating the glass batch and could occur on any particular jars they were making at the time off that particular furnace. Or, whenever Ball was changing...
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    unusual jar....

    Hi John and all, (L&S) Lutz and Schramm were pickle packers and also made preserves. So I'd suspect that they packed pickles in these or maybe jellies. I've seen these in blue and clear and with and without the patent date. But not common by any means. Bob
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    A new site for learning about Ball jars!

    Hi Folks, For all those interested in Ball jars and learning about them and the Company, please check out our site now. We have revamped the site to contain a lot more information. And of course, the main focus or goal is to...
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    atlas jar

    Hi Jim, I don't mean to be disagreeable, but I know of no Atlas jars that had ground lips. All are machine made and have smooth lips. Even their early -ATLAS- MASON'S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858, and shoulder seal ATLAS SPECIALS have smooth lips. If you know of any Atlas jars with ground lip...
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    help with a lid

    Hi Ghostrider, Many companies made or sold "after market" lids for jars. That is, they were designed to fit or work on any canning jar. I think that may be the case for this lid. Bob
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    PINT Newman's Patent Dec. 20 1859

    Very nice jar! To learn a bit more about this jar, its inventor and where it was made, see this article. (mainly on the last of page two and page three) Bob
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    strong green jars

    Hi Ghostrider, There are different genres of the repros. Lightnings, older repro 1858s from the 1970s, newer ones from the 1990s and even newer 1858s made in the last few years. Check my ebay About ME page (link below) for more info on each and how to spot them. If you want me to check them...
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    York, PA show

    Hi all, If you folks want to see some really GREAT jars, and I do mean great ones, check out these shots of what was on display at the National show: Bob
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    numerous bar jars

    Here's a pic (but not a good one) of the black olive jar (far right) sitting in a sun blasted window with a deep red amber quart and an amber pint. The sun was so bright the amber pint looks almost yellow and the black jar is still nearly opaque but you can see some of the massive swirling...
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    numerous bar jars

    As if on cue, here is the auction for the black olive Balll MASON: It will be interesting to see where it ends up, it is a superb colored jar and I've seen no Ball jar any darker. I've got some backlit pics on my other...
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    numerous bar jars

    Hi glassman, For pure eye appeal, that quart was probably the prettiest I had. The amber pint was the one that just killed me when I had to sell and was one of the last to go. Here are some nice quart Balll MASON jars:
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    numerous bar jars

    The "sperm jar" or "sperm underscore" is the name assigned to a particular embossing by the NC collector that reported it first to Granny Kath many years ago. Basically, the final l isn't connected to the loop or underscore and makes the underscore and loop look like a sperm. I've seen them...
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    numerous bar jars

    Hi Arthur and all, Almost all of the moulds for the 3-L type jars were hand cut so there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of slightly differing varients. It would be impossible to list them all, and even harder to try to describe/name some of them. For example we have the "Billy"...
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    Another Sale bottle-Info?

    Hi Julie, I saw your little HP COHANSEY on ebay...I hope it does well for you. May help feed your milk bottle habit. [:D] We gotta do what we gotta do to feed our addictions! The Hero Fruit Jar Company began putting the Maltese Cross logo on their jars about 1882 I think. Actually, the...

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