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    Guinness Bottle. Can anyone give me any history and value of this bottle, I have been all over the Internet and not found a thing.

    Is there any chance a Guinness bottler (or pub?) refilled an old bottle and slapped a label on it?
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    So is foreign glass better or something These are all over the place on the internets in different sizes and colors. Found one in a thrift store a few months ago which is why I originally looked them up.
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    Help Identifying Clay Bottle Closure

    Any chance this is the top part of a stoneware bottle or jug? It has that same donut shape as the top of the big jug in the back. Perhaps the internal threading is for a stopper and the three notches are match marks or something. Anyone have any good links on stoneware bottle manufacturing?
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    Help Identifying Clay Bottle Closure

    Great idea! I didn't think of that. I hit the google and on a second look, I think it's a bit too small and too thin to be a doorknob. Also, most doorknobs seem to be one-sided instead of having a large hole go through the middle (although there are a few with a metal center and glass knob)...
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    Cap rusted on bottle - clean or not clean?

    I'm not a bottle collector, but I think the cap is neat. If you have a couple, I'd leave one on.
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    Help Identifying Clay Bottle Closure

    Hello, While on vacation, I found this in Lake Ontario on the Canadian side where the water had eroded the bank. (In or around Niagara-on-the-Lake.) It appears to be a clay stopper of some sort. It's 2" in diameter with a 3/4" threaded hole. There's still amber glass in the threads. Any...

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